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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. Skolar311
    I'm not doing anything, I'm just trying to help him do what he wants to do.
    I think he's trying to hook 2 different devices up to his Modi. The Magni and maybe an AVR.
    This won't decrease the sound quality as long as you're only using one at a time.
  2. kimvictor
    Ok. If splitter is with the DAC, there won't be any decrease and SQ.
  3. leafs
    Hi there,
    Just wondering if you can share why you prefer M&M + LCD-2. Have you test LCD-2 + Bifrost & Asgard1 or 2?
    I have targeted to get LCD-2 and anytime as soon I decided the amp/dac to go. I'm deciding between M&M and Bifrost & Asgard 2. I have read people are enjoying on both the setup.
  4. Defiant00
    Indeed http://www.head-fi.org/t/643368/schiit-modi-and-magni-comparison-to-bifrost-and-asgard/ [​IMG]
    Given a choice between M&M vs B&A with LCD-2s I would take B&A. However, if the choice is between M&M + LCD-2s vs B&A + some less expensive headphones I would probably go for M&M + LCD-2s, as I feel that the cans make the biggest difference.
    With that said, I've actually gone on a bit of a headphone journey these past few months, so right now I have none of the above equipment any more.
  5. leafs
    Thanks for your input mate.
    For the price and performance of M&M, it was a steal. But I figure about future upgrade and stuff like that, so I probably might go with B&A. Thanks, I'll think about it and probably will reach a decision soon.
  6. Como
    It's exactly that.
    I want to connect to my modi 2 different devices, my magni and my speaker.
    To use obviously only one at the same time.
    Your audioquest splitter is perfect.
    I will post some picture as soon as my installation is ready.
  7. Skolar311

    Cool, man! Good luck and hope it works out well for you!
  8. kimvictor
    Is audioquest a good company? I heard negative things about them, but is a "high end" splitter necessary?
  9. Skolar311
    AudioQuest is an amazing company. I don't know who you spoke to, but they are very, very wrong!
    When building a hi-fi sound system....why cut corners? It's only $15....Just do it once, and do it right.
  10. Como
    I finally received my M&M combo, All is already installed, even if it misses some completions.
    For a noob like me, the sound is amazing.
    First time i use a DAC, first time i use FLAC, first time i use a amp for my headphone.
    And i love that !
    I use the magni with my Djing headphone, a Sennheiser HD 25 C II (70 ohms), it's not obviously a hifi headphone but for me it's ok.
    I have to organise a little all the space, the cable but that starts to take form.
    I use only flac (rip of my vinyl), and Audirvana Plus for listening.
    My computer is connected to Modi, and my Modi is connected to my amplifier and my Magni thanks to RCA splitter.
    As that I can listen to my music with my headphone, or my speakers. Of course, only one is functional at the same time.
    Here some pictures made with my phone (sorry for the quality) :
    To conclude, I love these Schiit. And I want to thank all those which helped me.
    Again, sorry for my english.
  11. Skolar311
    Hell of a nice setup man! And the schiit stack looks right at home there :)
    I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!
  12. Byronb
    Nice setup! Very impressive.
  13. solserenade
    Nice rig there.

    Any chance you could post a photo of the adapter alone? (Splitter)

    … Or a link to the one you're using. Thanks very much!
  14. Como
    I use two of this : http://www.thomann.de/fr/the_sssnake_1870_adapter.htm
    Cheap but work fine.
    All my setup will change soon, so for the moment they are perfect for the price.
    Thanks to all of you for the nice comments.
  15. TTNK
    Dat setup.
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