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Schiit Magni Headphone Amplifier

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by barry s, Dec 12, 2012.
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  1. PoliHigh
    Huge improvement in every way over my Fiio E7.The Magni works with my vinyl(sounds superb!) out of my tape out on the integrated Really enjoying this product and would consider there products for upgrades in the future. 24 bit Flac files of all the Pink Floyd albums are shocking me right now as I've never heard 24 bit before.M/M combo is much smaller then I thought it would be.
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  2. ReNnxz

    Exact similar thought when I paired it with my hd-600. Decided to change on a pair of 650s and the sound is much better
  3. darrenscerri
    I am using the Magni to power both my M50 and Mad Dogs and am very happy with the sound quality. On the other hand, I am a bit concerned that my Magni is not outputting enough power.
    For some quietly mastered music, I can easily run the Magni at maximum volume using my Mad Dogs without the sound being too loud. Using my M50's, I can turn the volume knob up to 1-2 o'clock, until the volume becomes very loud.
    My father and my friend tried the same setup and they both had the same comments about the volume.
    Are there any procedures I can take to test if the Magni is providing enough power as it should?
  4. Skolar311
    I love the sound on my HD600's. With any source. I find the sound to be very transparent and pleasing. It's subjective of course, but I also tweak the crap out of my EQ settings, so maybe that's why? Who knows.
  5. tdockweiler
    Wow, max volume? You must be using a weak source or something. Maybe an Ipod with Line Out dock?
    With my old ODAC and the Modi my volume level is only around 30-40% with even my Q701. No headphones need to be past 50%.
    For whatever reason I once used a full sized CD player and had to crank it higher than before. Past 50%. It was just some random cheap LG blu-ray player.
    The Magni should have tons of power. Way more than enough to drive the T50RP.
  6. Skolar311

    You could buy yourself a multimeter to measure the voltage. Perhaps the Mad Dogs are power hungry? I own the SRH-840's (Often compared to the M50's) and they go very loud @ 44 Ohms. Ear bleeding loud. My HD600's don't go quite as loud, but definitely still loud enough @ 300 Ohms and still sound much better than the 840's IMO.
    I would research more about the Mad Dogs and see how they perform on low-power amps. The Magni should be providing PLENTY of power. It can run some orthos, after all.
  7. MrMateoHead
    With 1.2 watts at 5X gain, I would assume that the problem is the recording, in this case. Or the source, assuming it outputs 1V or less to the amp.
    What is your Source?
    With the O2 Amp, prior to purchasing the ODAC (2V source), I had about 1V from my laptop. I needed 6.5X Gain on some 'quiet' recordings (those with High Dynamic Range) and a big twist of the dial to get to something approximating loud with the HE-400s. That is about 1/2 a watt, so your issue is interesting. I only ran into that 'problem' with some live recordings, classical music, and movies I tried out.
  8. darrenscerri
    I'm using the Modi as a source. Tried directly from PC sound card and from iPhone 5 with very similar results.
  9. fihidelity
    Has anyone experienced a hissing, sqealing interference noise with the DAC before. I'm using a 230-110V transformer and wonder if it's causing grounding issues.
  10. Skolar311
    None of those issues for me, absolute silence in the background.
    Some people say that they have issues if the plug isn't directly into the wall...but I have mine off an extension cord and power strip, and no issues whatsoever. More than likely you are having grounding issue like you suggested.
  11. fihidelity
    I have it on an extension cord and a transformer, I tried putting the transformer into the wall but it didn't solve the problem. Any suggestions as to how you could ground it?
  12. Skolar311

    If I were you I would continue troubleshooting a bit.
    Have you tried moving your Magni to another room in the house and plugging it directly into the wall? Hook a small source up to it and see if the problem persists and pass back the results.
  13. fihidelity
    I'll try that later, I think the issue might be to do with the laptop as using the headphone jack or USB out the noise is present but from my phone say, the noise is gone.
    I'm also having problems with radio interference, anyone know how to solve that?
  14. Skolar311
    The radio interference is a mystery to me... I've had this problem with a guitar amp, but nothing like this. I would start a new thread about that issue. very strange.
  15. Saleri
    Anyone know how these amp/dac combination are for classical music with the Q701s?
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