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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. mattrudy80
    Lol. You got me! No, just reaffirming you should pick up a pair when you can!
  2. mattrudy80
    The MULLARD WHYTELEAFE CV4024 was the dethroner for me. :L3000:
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  3. mattrudy80
    I did an AB comparison, and although the sound signature is similar, in my opinion there is no contest. The long plates have a better Hz response and are much better with vocals.
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  4. TK16
    I know what you did last summer.
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  5. TK16
    Sounds like you want to trade me a pair of long plates for a short plate D getter?
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  6. mattrudy80
    I'll throw in my pair of '56 Blackburns too...
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  7. TK16
    PM incoming!
  8. kolkoo
    Darn I shouldn't have come back to this torture :D
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  9. Wes S
    It's madness and I can't stay away! I have bought over 10 tubes since coming back to this thread, and have a few more on the way. . .
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
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  10. TK16
    Shame you are not in the USA bro, I`m looking for a D getter 3x GEC A2900 in a trade for a D getter 59 7316.
  11. Ripper2860
    OK -- I've girded my loins and am ready for the insults and backlash ...

    Plopped the '61 WE396As into Valhalla 2 today, just for Schitts and Giggles. One very strong measuring and one not-so-much (I'm being kind) into my Garage 2C51 adapters and turned up some tunes...

    1. Seems the VH2 does a pretty decent job of auto-biasing, cause I don't really notice any channel imbalance or degradation on the channel that has the 'meh' tube.
    2. I'm impressed. Quiet. Nice air and sound-stage. A controlled and tight, yet extended, bass. Very nice detail and timbre w/ cymbals rendered nicely, or shall I say fantastically!!

    If the '61 WE396As are rubbish compared to 40's and 50's versions, then I'm either DEAF or those must be some REALLY SPECIAL tubes cause these are not shabby at all. Not in the very least!!

    (Just when I thought I was done ...) :frowning2:
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
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  12. TK16
    Wait until you hear the late 40's to early 50's.
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  13. Ripper2860
    OK. Seriously -- I am hearing details I had not really noticed and I'm looking over my shoulder periodically because I'm hearing things from off to the side and behind me. What an incredible sound-stage!! :sunglasses:

    And this is from Music I've listened to a lot and know quite well.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019
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  14. nwavesailor
    Glad you FINALLY tried them! The WE 2C51 / 396A are a pretty nice tube. I have 5 of the same early '50's date code.
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  15. Ripper2860
    After listening to the WE396As, I decided to pick up a strong 1959 to hopefully pair well with the strong 1961. They impressed me that much.

    Now the long and difficult wait for reasonably inexpensive 40s to early 50s.
    Last edited: Aug 1, 2019

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