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Schiit Lyr Tube Rollers

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by joydivisi0n, Jul 23, 2013.
  1. Ripper2860
    Yes -- we actually have our own power grid independent of ERCOT. So when we secede from the US, we'll be good-to-go!! :wink:

    Quit being a nuisance just cause your horse was DQ'ed from the derby. :D
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  2. jb77
    Quick initial impressions of the Brimar CV4033, it is a tube I instantly like, not exactly sure we’re it will place yet but most likely top 10 as I just finished burning in my Marconi’s B309’s which I prefer the burned in Marconi’s however I would like to listen after burn in on the CV4033 as it is a really good tube!

    CV4033 has really good imaging and a good sound stage, I wait till further burn in to give more detailed impressions

    @Ripper2860 it is IMHO a worthwhile purchase especially for the price! These are the ones I purchased:
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  3. Ripper2860
    I must confess something ...

    I bought them after you posted about them and after some quick research. :D

    They were delivered while I was out of town, but I arrived home today and immediately gave them a try. I REALLY LIKE them -- although I do need to spend more time with them and burn them in a a bit more. I was curious as to whether my liking them was due to 'expectation bias', so I wanted to read other's initial impressions. I'm glad to see that your initial impressions mirror mine. :wink:

    (I predict another pair will be ordered by me very soon.)
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  4. jb77
    Lol nice! :ksc75smile: yea they really are great tubes! I might buy another pair as well!
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  5. bcowen
    How do they compare to the 4003's? Does the higher gain of the 4033 make any difference in and of itself that you can discern? Since I began 'adapter-ing' I've always wondered exactly what the chosen tube's gain or amplification contributed to the sound versus just the tubes provenance or ranking in the desireability hierarchy. Probably of much less significance with a hybrid like the Lyr than a pure tube setup like the VH2, but still might have some bearing.

    EDIT: Apologies for changing things up with a real question. Haven't had my coffee yet this morning. :grimacing:
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
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  6. TK16
    Some of my absolute best of the best are high gain tubes, Tesla 6CC41, Valvo Hamburg PW 6201, Mullard Mitcham 6201 gold pin, Copenhagen ECC81. Though the GEC A2900 is due Monday.
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  7. bcowen
    I've heard that the A2900's are highly overrated and compare sonically to a below-minimum testing GE tube. 'GEC' is just an abbreviation for General Electric Company, so what else would you expect? Hope you didn't pay a lot for them. :stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
  8. TK16
    That's what I for trying to answer a sincere question.
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  9. bcowen
    Did your AFO's come with the DUM or the DUMMER cable originally? DUMb names either way, IMO. :relaxed:

    More importantly, was the Black Dragon a substantial improvement over the stock cable in your opinion? I made one of my own cables with the VH Audio V-Twist wire. It sounded better than the DUMMER cable my AFC's came with, but was not nearly as flexible and frankly was such a PITA to deal with that I went back to the DUMMER.
  10. bcowen
    I'm always happy to help when I can. :laughing:
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  11. TK16
    Don't think I ever used the DUMMER.
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  12. attmci
    A pair? A pair???

    There are 100 in stock.

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  13. mattrudy80
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  14. bcowen
    Yeah, @Ripper2860 WTF is going on? Are we going to have to put your Hoarder's license up for review? Maybe even file a formal complaint with the Tube Seller's Association? I think @TK16 is on their board of directors now, but just 'cause he knows you isn't going to help (probably be more of a negative, actually). :relieved:

    You need to get back on track, dude. Being out of town for a week is a pretty lame excuse....sounds like something I'd use.
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  15. Ripper2860
    These are 10,000 hour tubes and I only need an additional pair as a safety-net. I have several other tubes that I ill be rolling in so no need to corner the market. Being the owner of 2 HP amps also requires that I buy a Lyr 3 tube with every VH2 tube purchase or the Lyr 3 gets jealous. (Brimar CV4033 for VH2 and Brimar 6SN7GT for Lyr). Keeping both amps happy is an expensive proposition. Plus that damn 752 tester ain't FREE, so there's that!! Perhaps after other obligations are met I will stock-up in anticipation of a tube Armageddon. :unamused:
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
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