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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. kumar402
    wow can't wait for Coaster + against Coaster S showdown
  2. belgiangenius
    I understand why a company would prefer to handle it this way.

    As a customer I am never impressed when it is assumed that I am an idiot.

    I also don't think Freya buyers are your average consumers.

    But hey, I admittedly don't have the benefit of seeing what you see.
  3. kumar402
    are you using battery pack to power the clean side or any other power source?
  4. Ripper2860
    Rag 2 is DEFINITELY on my list for my 2-channel setup. Small room with very efficient Tekton Lores and it should do VERY WELL!!
  5. Robert Padgett
    Nor are the Yggy owners, but for some reason, you think that a Freya buyer-spending $900 on a balanced pre-amp isn't the "average"?
    Snobbish attitude, better suited for a forum where an average Tube Head pays $300 for extremely rare, therefore expensive 6SN7 tubes?
    So Jason Stoddard, who caters to a broad consumer base, many of whom spend $99 to $349, are a less attractive demographic?
    Dude, have you ever heard the expression-- profit made on volume sales--that is the Schiit Business model.
    As for the assumption of "idiocy" by anyone, a quick review of the evidence, seems quite Prima facie, and accurate. IMHO
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  6. dieslemat

    Well, before when there was only the Vidar as Schiit’s amp line up I had asked a lot of folks whaf they think if I use the Rag as a pre amp. No one gave a definitive answer but one fella told me (i cant remember who) is that it doesnt sound right if i use an integrated as a pre amp. So i never went with it.

    I sold off my Rag to fund for the Freya and 2 Aegirs.

    I did try using the Mjolnir 2 as a pre amp, but the Freya is way way way better as a pre amp.

    If you watch Thomas from youtube, he definitely recommends the Freya

    And in one of his videos where he was talking about this certain high end dealer in canada that the most effective change you can add to you system (in the dealer’s opinion) was the pre amp. To which, surprised Thomas.

    I hope this info will help you in your decision. I look forward to what ou decide next.
  7. bluebanshee76
    I bought a linear power supply with it. Batteries tend to be drained every time I need them so the decision was based purely on comfort.
  8. Snowpuppy77
    Appreciate the thoughtful input and recommendation. If I were in the market for a preamp the Schiit Freya+ would be on my short list. Not interested in a preamp at this time because I have high end headphones and I do not want to purchase another Yggrasil but instead use the one I have and my turntable with headphones and speakers with no extra switch box or extra contacts. I have some NAD separates (C160 and 218TH) and I can tell you that the Ragnarok makes a better preamp than the C160 when using it with the balanced preouts. So for now either the Ragnarok 1 or Ragnarok 2 will remain the control center of my system due to excellence with headphones. In all honesty I really do not have much of an incentive to do anything because the Ragnarok 1 sounds great with my speakers. Much better than the NAD separates with my efficient speakers. Would get the Ragnarok 2 however just because I can and it may sound even better. The remote and the now properly done headphone speaker switch are nice also. Another option is to use the balanced pre-outs of the Ragnarok 1 and buy a pair of Aegirs. Based on what we have heard from Jason two Aegirs sound better than a Ragnarok 1 however that was on a inefficient pair of Magnepans. The video interview indicates that the Ragnarok 2 sounds similar if not more rich than Aegir but that he did not mentioned how Ragnarok 2 sounds compared to two Aegirs.
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  9. Paladin79
    I am building some solid state class A monoblocks that the Freya + should be perfect for, I prefer tube sound and the Freya can be a buffer. :smile_phones:
  10. Delirious Lab
    Has anyone done a comparison of balanced source vs. SE source converted to balanced by the preamp?

    i.e.: (balanced DAC → Passive Freya → amp) vs. (SE DAC → Nexus x1 Freya, balanced out → amp)
  11. Delirious Lab
    I'm sure Schiit doesn't assume any given customer is an idiot. But I'll bet they are justified in assuming that some percentage of consumers are - a large enough percentage to justify Jason's answer.

    Heck, I'll bet they observe it empirically.
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
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  12. belgiangenius
    LOL. That's a fair comment.

    I do think that Freya customers would be different, on average. I'd expect those interested in tubes to be older and more experienced with audio gear. Someone above called that a "snobbish attitude". I'm not sure where that pent-up hostility comes from...but he's right in the sense that the first thing I did with Freya + was drop in $500 worth the tubes. :ksc75smile:

    Ratheon VT-231 flat plates in the driver stage and genuine Melz 1578 in the buffer stage. Pure bliss. :L3000:
    Last edited: Jun 7, 2019
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  13. EricDH
    Now, you are most likely an informed customer, but not all customers are. I think Jason could tell a few horror stories about idiot customers they had to deal with. And then it makes perfect sense to ensure you don't deliberately open the door for them.

    Thinking about it, I believe there is a chapter of the Schiit story talking about the fact that "the customer is NOT always right", including a few horror stories.
  14. Delirious Lab
  15. Jason Stoddard
    Believe it or not, "customers using bad tubes/inserting tubes wrong/using wrong tubes" is a top 3 tech support issue, and probably the leading cause of products coming back for service, at least since most of the USB/Windows drivers issues have been cleared up, and since we've moved to octal tubes (inserting a noval tube wrong is not easy, but hey, we've seen octal LISST inserted wrong--which is a ceramic key in a ceramic socket, wowzers). So yes, we're hypersensitive to it.

    We're also hypersensitive to getting in the middle. Imagine this tech support scenario:

    Customer: "Hey, my new Freya+ doesn't work/is noisy/is dead/is imbalanced in tube mode."
    Us: "Cool, is that with the tubes we provided?"
    Customer: "Nah, that's with some superunobtainum hand-rubbed Russian monk tubes that cost me $8000--"
    Us: "Cool, can you try it with our tubes?"
    Customer: "Sure. Hey, it works fine!"
    Us: "Hope you can track down that monk."

    Now, imagine it if we didn't provide tubes. Yeah, that's not pretty. Customer gets pissed we insinuate his hand-rubbed tubes are sucky. Tries 10000 cheap tubes he got on ebay. Nothing works. We bring the product back, it works fine. Lots of time wasted. Nobody happy.

    So yes, EVERYTHING ships with tested, matched tubes. Sorry if that offends you.
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