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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. ashirin
    B-stock Vali 2 for $99 seems like a sweet deal. They must be selling slowly. In any case, it's a fantastic price for anyone that wants to try out tubes for themselves. I bought one for my Dad when it first came out and it's a nice amp.

    It's probably a harder sell now though since Magni 3 has the same features (aluminum top, preamp outputs) and twice the power, at $99. Still, I doubt you can find a better tube headphone amp for that price.
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  2. JohnnyCanuck
    I have used DeoxIT several times over the years, including on volume pots, and have never had anything but good results with it.

    Go for it.

  3. LuczOr

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  4. sam6550a
  5. LuczOr
    Why would they call the B-stock "Mini" unless there was a "Max" to differentiate it from?
  6. ScubaMan2017
    ...Valhalla 2 B-Stock, Silver, 115V...
    Oh dang.
  7. JamminVMI
    Sweet isn't the word for it - that's a wonderful deal. Vali is glowing nicely on my desk right in front of me, driving a pair of AudioEngine A2s as I write. Pure heaven...
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  8. Rensek
    They have called it Loki Mini since it was released.
  9. LuczOr
    Sounds like a conspiracy to me.
  10. Robert Padgett
    Yes, just after I bought myValhalla at full price... I know, I should have waited one more week...
  11. Rensek
    As Mr Stoddard likes to say, "As always there is conspiracy"

    I might have misquoted him a little, but I think the essence of his quote is spot on.....
  12. ashirin
    Trust me, I've already been down this rabbit hole lol. You can see my posts here and here. Like others have mentioned though, it's been called Loki Mini from the beginning, and they address the name in the last FAQ on the product page. But if it makes you feel better, I'm pretty sure there is a bigger Loki coming eventually. I think Jason mentioned it recently actually. But it might not be imminent so don't hold your breath.
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  13. jimmers
    Last edited: Mar 15, 2019
  14. ScubaMan2017
    Don't get me wrong - I don't regret getting my Magni3. My Vali-2 has THAT glowing orb. And soon, I'll be trying some even bigger glass (to the eye-rolling [or hairy-eyebrowing] of @SchiitFerBrainz ). It's a pity it's not selling better. For nOObs like me, it's a great little toaster.
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  15. LuczOr
    Conspiracy confirmed.

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