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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Ableza
    Did you know him personally?
  2. GumbyDammit223
    Just went to Qobuz's website again to see if I could get set up. Success!! :gs1000smile: Trying out their Studio level service option for free right now and I'm liking what I'm hearing!
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  3. alpovs
    While Qobuz is not available where I am I've had exactly the same experience with TIDAL and the latest Roon radio. Not with jazz, though. I keep reading that people are exited about Qobuz and ditching TIDAL but I don't seem to see the reasons why Qobuz is better. What's better about it? Somewhere (probably Wikipedia) I saw a comparison of their libraries and TIDAL's library was bigger. Maybe this data is out of date now.
  4. Robert Padgett
    I signed up for the "Studio" free trial on Qobuz, and I could not hear a sufficient improvement--with my ears, my HPs and my set-up-- to justify staying around after the 30-free trial ends. Maybe it is the Amazon service is $8 and serves the same purpose--streaming background listening, and exposure to new artists, or qobuz didn't have a single Thomas Dolby file....
  5. Rowethren
    That is why I stuck with Spotify, they have so much folk/americana/rock well pretty much any genre that just isn't on the other services that if I changed half my regular listens would disappear.
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  6. winders
    That makes me like Qobuz even more!!!
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  7. wout31
    There must be (huge) differences per country I guess. I get 13 albums on that artist. 2 singles/EP's, 24 various artists albums that contain tracks of the artist and 17 tracks where he's involved in as a musician and more. I also think this is not the kind of music that Qobuz aims for to be good at.

    Screenshot - 15-2-2019 , 17_21_13.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
  8. Robert Padgett
    You are correct sir...today Thomas Dolby is there. Sorry for the misunderstanding. I am still canceling after the free month trial, because I have Amazon and it is $8/month .
  9. mp29k
    I would agree if you can't hear the difference between 256k and lossless or 24/96 streamed content, the premium probable isn't worth it. I used Apple music like you do Amazon, to check out new artists and as background music, but since I switched to Tidal hifi, I listen to it more critically. I guess it is a self fulfilling prophecy. If you purchase a service more suited to background and non-critical listening that is how you will use it.
  10. Rensek
    While I believe I can tell a difference in the sound, I can't justify giving up Spotify at this point time. Like you said they have a huge collection, plus their playlists and daily mixes are hard to do without. If I had time to sit down and put some playlists together, I might hang on to Qobuz for longer. I'll probably pay for a month or two to see if they improve their curated content.

    The passing of ORT is sad news indeed... You could tell he was a good man. He is and shall be missed.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
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  11. judson_w
    After work I will check out Qobuz. Right now I have no streaming subscription outside of the basic Amazon Prime (so, not Unlimited). I do not think I would necessarily use this while at work, so I am not sure how much good it will do me. That being said, I do like their selection of digital albums for purchase, so I may dip into that.

    Presently my system at work is a usb flash drive with about 50 GB of music on it. I pick an album to play through VLC on the computer which feeds a Fulla 2 which in turn powers etymotic HF5s. I will eventually get closed back headphones to use but for now I am enjoying the etymotics.
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  12. golfbravobravo
    Well, the past tense is a little ambitious, but yes! It's not done yet, but it IS on the project list. I'm currently building a huge wonderstructs (https://wonderstructs.com/) installation. Those folks who claim to have done this in a weekend amaze me, my office electronics desk (and floor) is full of wood, sanding dust and bits of glue. After that is done I must finish the PiDP8 (http://obsolescence.wixsite.com/obsolescence/pidp-8) I have been on with for some months. And then there is the garage workshop......... Etc., etc as the king said.

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  13. ScubaMan2017
    ...and a robust buffering feature. I get drop-outs between my Chromebook and my WiFi media-server (which is really just a couple of 3.0 USB external drives plugged into my Netgear Nighthawk... and I uses Netgear's meh-quality-media-server-software). When it gets too distracting, I end up using the download feature embedded within the ChromeOS-Android-versions of Foobar2000 and VLC. Schiit Audio provides the hardware, and we download the open-source software (that Schiit can be at arms' length from). @wabe 's device is actually one of the few gadgets that I need for my listening nook.
  14. FrivolsListener
    Going through something like that now -- it appears that my speaker blew an amp in my desktop system at home.
  15. madwolfa
    One of us...

    On a positive note, KEF is sending me a new speaker assembly along with replacement instructions and it's "only" $180 + S/H (Uni-Q drivers are expensive).
    Top notch customer support from KEF of America!

    Amp went into service this morning as well. So... couple hundred $ and I should be back in business.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
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