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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. exdmd
    I think you will find more 24/96 titles on Qobuz than MQA on Tidal, even though you can set the Tidal player to do the first unfold to 24/96 without an MQA enabled DAC. Also fewer watermarked files on Qobuz. Some solo piano albums on Tidal are unlistenable due to the audible watermarks. Unless you subscribe to both services it probably comes down to which has the library that meets your needs.
  2. saddleup
    Music subscription services reinforce my belief that modern society doesn't have a relationship with enough.
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  3. FrivolsListener
    I'm planning to take the amp in Tuesday. The speaker might not be worth salvaging -- speakers have come a long way since I bought those.
  4. GumbyDammit223
    After seeing this...
    I tried again to set up an account to see what all the fuss was about. Tried Tidal for a day and dumped it because it had very little music that I would listen to and as far as experiencing new artists, their suggestions were at the far opposite end of my music enjoyment spectrum. Spotify....*shrug*...wasn't too impressed there but can't remember the reason why. Whether or not I'll pay for Qobuz, we'll see. However the two albums I've listened to so far purely from their suggestions, I like. Time will tell.
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  5. belgiangenius
    IMO, the problem with these services is the unreasonable prices. Their incremental cost to add subscriber is $0, but they expect $240+ per year for Hifi streaming.

    Price it at $7 a month and watch the floodgates open.
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  6. shultzee

    For me , paying 20.00 a month for qobuz versus what I use to spend a month on music is a drop in the bucket. All depends on the person/situation.
    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
  7. Robert Padgett
    That is why I think Amazon and Jeff Bezos will be the winner in the long run...let people get used to paying $20 a month for 16/44 and then he will offer it to his customer base at $14.99 and that will be that.

    And that is all relative, like anything else in this hobby, some folks can afford the premium level, and it is a bargain for them.
  8. RickB
    Bezos is raising prices at Whole Paycheck, so who knows? Plus, he's getting divorced, so he probably needs more money!
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  9. Brubacca
    I had the Qobuz trial. While I enjoyed it for listening to various music that I didn't own, I felt the quality was inferior to my internally streamed music.

    There could be many reasons for this, but consistently I felt that internal music had better transients and better sound.
  10. johnjen
    Not in person, but we had interaction and PM's for over 15 years on another forum and now here as well, where he shared much of himself thru his stories and life.

    He was stalwart and impeccable in his dealings with all he interacted with, such were his beliefs and faith in himself and his place in the world.

    Last edited: Feb 15, 2019
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  11. alpovs
    Oh, no MQA on Qobuz? That's enough for me to switch to it when it gets here.
  12. RickB
    I enjoyed Qobuz's sound quality when I previewed it. However, their catalog for what I listen to (indie/alternative) is really lacking compared to Spotify. Tidal would have more of it (compared to Qobuz), but I don't want hip-hop to be constantly shilled at me. I like some (mostly old-school) hip-hop, but modern, mainstream pop/rap is a no-go.
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  13. dieslemat

    No offence but as you said ORT shared his thoughts with you in private. Maybe it should remain in private still?
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  14. belgiangenius
    The way I view it, once your contract ends with a streaming service, it ends. You have nothing. Since I already own a lot of music, I sometimes don't use Tidal at all in a given month.

    If I spend $200 on downloading digital files or buying CDs (and I can get A LOT of CDs on Ebay for $200), I keep those forever.

    So, to me, streaming service is worth A LOT LESS than buying music outright. I just don't see the value proposition in $20/month for streaming.
  15. shultzee
    I have box’s of cd’s. I am guessing around 2500. Any more, I enjoy exploring music without having to buy the disc. To each their own though. For me 20.00 a month for good sound quality works very well.
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