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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. ScubaMan2017
    We’re celebrating Thanksgiving up here in Hogtown (Toronto). I’m happy to see others having civilized dad-son relationships. Mine? He’s a squirrely old hermit living in Blaine, WA. His health problems mess with his memory. Ah well. Happy Canadian Thanksgiving, fellow hosers. :ksc75smile:
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  2. Brubacca
    My Dads Asustor NAS and 1TB drive are arriving today (to my house so I can install and setup). Next time we visit I'll install and configure the backup of his PC.
  3. Brubacca

    This is me and I'm happy to do it. Although it was quite awkward cleaning the porn off or my mother in laws PC from my adult brother in law.
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  4. Oveja Negra
  5. Kn1nJa
    So what I'm seeing is some of you are eager for an Aegir. :ksc75smile:

    That's my pronunciation and I'm sticking to it.
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  6. CAPT Deadpool
    I've noticed TomSix's comment on the Tekton Lore and that Winders and GolfBravoBravo both have Tekton DIs. I've been looking to get some high efficiency tower speakers for music only (to be used without subs). I had been looking at the LXmini. Would power them with either a DIY Audio Burning Amp 3 or a pair of Aegirs.

    So the Lore is $1000 a pair, the Impact $2000ish, and the Double Impacts $3000. I take it that if I can afford them the Double Impacts are the way to go for a high effic. Who else owns Tekton's? What are you driving them with? I'd like to hear ya'lls opinions re the Lore vs the DIs and more.
  7. liquidsmote
    I am far more excited for my *15* Watt Leben than I am for my 100W Rogue ... and 15 is generous. Low power amps with high efficiency transducers are magical.
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  8. earnmyturns
    Last time I visited my daughter, we spent time figuring out different Linux distros and audio player software for her Raspberry Pi-based digital audio system, which also includes the Bimby and Jot I gave her :smile_phones:
  9. the finisher
    Wo thanks for that Tom, very insightful. I knew most of that, and still learned something. :)

    This is true about a lack of humor by some who read this thread, not pointing fingers.

    It's A Schiit thread, I think some humor is mandatory.
  10. Pietro Cozzi Tinin
    Winter is coming!
  11. Rensek
    I hadn't thought of this until you posted it. I'm now debating whether to wait or buy a Vidar. Holding out until January would be easy for Aegir, especially considering it'd be my main amp for many many years. But the gadget & Sol have been previewed previously and aren't out yet. Gadget was projected 1Q 2018. Vidar took a long time to launch, and Jason has mentioned previously that amps don't ship until they have been put through the ringer. He's made multiple stabs at Ragnarok update, and those weren't up to snuff.

    I appreciate their diligence in making sure their products are quality, but it means I probably shouldn't tie my purchase plans to their estimated launch schedule.
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  12. Rensek
    Winter is here in my neck of the woods. Enough snow on Friday to make full sized snowman.
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  13. Ableza
    I always advise: if you want or need a piece of gear, buy what's available whenever you have the ability to buy. It is a fact of life that something better will come out in the future, and when that happens you can make another decision about upgrading or not. But if you need something now but you keep waiting for the next big thing, you end up not filling your need.
  14. Brubacca

    No guarentees for January. Make your decision based on the fact that we don't know when if ever that product will be released.

    Maybe buy something old off of Craigslist to hold you over. (Or Fleabay) or just get something you want now.

    If you don't have super efficient speakers like tekton or zu audio then don't bother waiting.
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  15. liquidsmote
    THIS. In my field this results in lost productivity which is bad enough, but we're talking about personal enjoyment here ... life is short, it'd be a shame to not get the most out of every moment due to waiting on next years XYZ.

    Ableza's post reminded me of a fantastic Anandtech.com article (it's very old, but very relevant).

    Beating the System: The AnandTech Guide to Economic Upgrading

    Here comes the important step - how much is your time worth? An easy way to visualize this is if you had a computer at work, and six minutes of your day every day was wasted waiting for Outlook to load up. Your company is paying you two hours a month on lost productivity. You can put any value per hour on this number, but let's say the Cost of not upgrading your existing hardware comes down to $0.25 per day; each day you don't upgrade it costs you another 25 cents on the resale value of your old hardware, or in lost productivity, or something else along those lines.
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