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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. the finisher

    Research the prices https://www.passlabs.com/
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  2. dieslemat

    I was also confused a last year cause I really have a minimal EE background. I did a couple of research on this and there’s a lot to learn. This video might help you a bit

  3. winders
    The Mjolnir 2 is a mediocre preamp at best and I think that is being generous. It works fine in a pinch....but I certainly wouldn't buy it to do that.
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  4. jimmers
    I think the 20 Watts were "Continuity", class A is less (10 watts?), normal class A amps generally output less than their 8 Ohm max. into lower impedances, as in class A they are limited by the bias current.
    6 Ohm is lower than 8 Ohm and if you mono (bridge) them each amp half is seeing half the speaker impedance so maybe lower still.

    e.g. Sugden A21ai Series 2 class A amp can do 24 Watts into 8 Ohms but only 14 Watts into 4 Ohms (@ 1% THD+N)
    so with channels bridged to mono you may not get much more than as a stereo amp, class A into 6 Ohms (but more than 100 "Continuity" Watts bridged into 6 Ohm)

    94 db 1 watt x 30= 109 dB @ 1 Metre

    Ægir , :eye::ear:
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  5. dieslemat

    Thanks @winders for this.

    Looking at the diagram I can only assume that the Aegir will have at least 2 leds and probably a standby button.
  6. the finisher
    10 wpc 8 ohm class A is all I have seen, I'm just extrapolating a number, obviously @Jason Stoddard will have to enlighten us.:)
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  7. riffrafff
    Just below thermal shutdown. "If it's too loud, you're too old." :metal: :metal:
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  8. riffrafff
    My Arris cable modem has 3 output levels for both 2.4 and 5.0. Of course, it's only a few months old, too. (I have 2.4 set to medium and 5.0 set to max.)
  9. loki993
    I understand that class A is harder to get the same wattage out of than something like class A/B, I understand what makes a pure class A amp more expensive then a different more efficient topology. You cvan show me expensive class a amps but we know thats not what Schiit does, They make what was expensive relativity reasonable. Which is why I am thrown I guess. Is 10 or 20 watts in class A louder than 10 or 20 watts of class A/B? Watts is watts right? Thats what is losing me. I guess when I see the amp I see something that will power a nice set of bookshelf speakers and could sounds really great doing it, but not really much else. I feel like Im missing a piece to the puzzle here and I want to know what it is. I know Schiit makes great stuff and usually when I see a product they release I can be like oh yeah thats cool, but honesty this is throwing me. I mean its cool but I dont understand why its a big deal. Unless you are telling me that we have gotten too caught up in power number and we are grossly overpowering out speakers..which I could definitely believe.

    again this not not me hating or being argumentative or anything like that. I just really dont understand hype. Which may not be surprising because the extent of my speaker and amp buying is for home theater. I was never all that into a straight stereo setup, that was what my headphones were for. Lately though Ive been wanting to do a 2 channel setup in my living room for a turntable so in trying to figure this all out.
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  10. the finisher
  11. earnmyturns
    The answer is yes, the UniFi control app, Device panel, allows you to set transmit power to Auto, High, Medium, Low, and Custom (you set your dBm level), at least for the AP-AC-Pro I own.
  12. earnmyturns
    My setup:

    Ubiquiti EdgeRouter PoE 5
    Ubiquiti UniFi AP-AC-Pro

    EdgeRouter is connected to the cable modem downstairs. A Cat 6 riser takes net and 48V PoE power from the EdgeRouter to the AP on the house stairwell (most central location). The AP has a second RJ-45, leading to the rest of the home network.
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  13. riffrafff
    I think the takeaway here is that the speakers need to be really efficient, and that size doesn't necessarily play into the equation. Those Tektons that Finisher mentioned are notoriously efficient, yet hardly bookshelves. We're all (mostly) used to speakers that have efficiency ratings of like 85 dB and the like. So, if 100 watts drives an 85dB speaker comfortably, it would only take 50 watts on a 88dB speaker. Then it follows that 25 watts for 91dB, and 12 watts or so for 94dB, ad nauseam. Pure, clean Class A power 10 or 20 watts into highly efficient loudspeakers can change one's perspective on just what "high-end" audio is/can be. YMMV, as the total chain plays into the SQ.

    Small, efficient bookshelves (95dB/W@1m):

  14. earnmyturns
    The Eiger, the Mönch, and the Jungfrau form the NW wall of the Berner Oberland. SE of them is the largest glaciated area in the Alps, great climbing and ski touring terrain. The Eiger North wall (Nordwand) is a famous winter climbing challenge. Did six days of ski touring hut-to-hut from Jungfraujoch (the col between Jungfrau and Mönch) to Blatten last April, amazing place.
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  15. the finisher
    Very well said.:beers: I'd get bigger speakers though.

    Or get Vidar, it's great by all accounts.
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