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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Thouston
    The Pioneer M22. It is 30 watts though.
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  2. garbulky
    Nice looking amp!
  3. Thouston
    I wish I owned one. Almost impossible to find. When one does show up on e-bay, it is sold in a matter of minutes.
    A friend of mine owns one. It has that holographic single ended sound, that puts the band right in the room with you. It is very addictive to listen to.
  4. winders
    Exactly! The more I listen to my Pioneer M-22, the more I love it. Pair it will a great tube preamp and you have audio heaven. Mine is from the early 80’s and has been freshened up. But it is still an old amp that will need more TLC. If Jason designed an amp that matched it in sound quality and specs, and it didn’t cost much over $2K, it would sell like hot cakes. If you look at the specs the distortion numbers are quite good. It is a full dual mono design and the channel separation is excellent as well.

    That amp is not for everyone because of its age and maintenance requirements. That why I would love to have a modern option.
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2018
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  5. Pete-FIN
    Go for it! I would love to see improved and even better Ragnarok!

    If you make it – or more likely when you make it – please make it solid state only.

    Improved two channel integrated without tubes, I even might buy one :wink:

    Please make a sequel to Ragnarok.
  6. tlainhart
    As a happy Rag owner in a 2-channel system, I sure hope it will be upgradeable to v2 :wink: (yeah, I know - this isn't your digital stuff)
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  7. inmytaxi
    You could sell them for PA's on lakes where the ice fishing folk dance to keep warm.
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  8. wout31
    What do you mean? 10 pieces for sale on Hifishark. As @winders mentioned they will need work. But hard to find, no not at all.
  9. Thouston
    I should have qualified, and said it is hard to find one at a fair price (under $1000) in good condition, that is not in a foreign country.
    I didn't know about Hifishark....Thanks
  10. Brubacca
    I do that now. Tube amp in the winter, solid state in the summer (give or take a couple weeks).
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  11. cycler2
    Me, too. A 25 or so watt class A amp would be just the ticket for my Quad ESLs. Has to be unconditionally stable, though. My Quad 303 (not class A) has served me will but is getting long in the tooth. As am I.
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  12. Jones Bob
    DF9F7EB2-1DC1-4DAB-AFF7-2238C35E5AAE.jpeg For those wishing a remote volume control for their Schiit Amps and Preamps, here’s a DIY solution: :L3000:
  13. RCBinTN
    Bryston BHA-1. Class A. Dual mono design. Fully balanced. Great sound.
    It's a headphone amp. I don't have experience with 2-channel amps...
  14. Domiran
    For all Ragnarok does, having a version about a quarter of the price (Ragnarok Mini?) would be damn amazing. It's still Schiit's only combined headphone/power amp. Or even just a speaker amp as cheap as you can possibly make it. I assume you guys don't like those class "T" amps :) but they are sooooooo cheap.
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  15. barondla
    You are correct. Jason and Mike aren't fans. They might not put it as nicely.

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