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Schiit Happened: The Story of the World's Most Improbable Start-Up

Discussion in 'Jason Stoddard' started by jason stoddard, Jan 23, 2014.
  1. Nicholas Seltzer
    Thanks for answering, Jason. I appreciate it.
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  2. AudioBear
    Yes, thanks for answering. I was hoping that the concept of a $5000K amp might smoke out a reply from you. At one kilowatt it very well could smoke. The more one thinks about your answer, the more clear it becomes. Well said.
  3. Brian D
    I'm using a CD-200 and have been very happy with it, but if Schiit came out with a transport i would be on it in a heartbeat.
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  4. Brubacca

    I'm still in for that 25W Class A Vidar sized stereo amp. Heck I'd be in for a 20W version if that made more sense.
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  5. wabe
    The more I think about it, the more I might go for the 25W amp. I'd be interested in seeing that.
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  6. Snowpuppy77
    Just want to let you know that if you made an insane Class A amp for $2500 I think it would sell like hot cakes. Especially if it approached the performance of a Pass Labs amp of equivalent power. And you know how expensive those are. Steve Guttenberg would crap his pants as he owns Pass Labs. As I become an empty nester in a few years I plan on a major upgrade for my main two channel system. Goal is to keep the excellent Ragnarok in a 2nd system for headphones and some nice monitors. I can tell you that for my main two channel system the Vidar is not even a consideration. Not sure if it was the demo music or the room but I never felt like I was hearing impressive sound from the Vidars at RMAF 2017. Now companies like Pass Labs are on the list though I believe the value proposition is not very good. If you came out with a pure class A or extremely high bias class A that comes very close to Pass Labs quality of sound I would be very exited to get it as I am a fan of your company. If I were you I would purchase a Pass Labs INT-60 (60 watt) to benchmark with your Ragnarok. Perhaps the Ragnarok 2 could do close to 30 vs. 4 watts class A. I believe you could sell for much less and make it sound as good. I have faith in you. Make it a little bigger if you need to. I also believe you could price shame the Pass Labs XS150. Make a pure Class A like the XS150 and your customers will go nuts no doubt. You could do a joint effort with Baldr and call it the Forseti. Or work on it yourself and call it Dellingr, Tyr, or Ullr.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2018
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  7. dmckean44
    You're actually probably right. $2500 is less than what budget versions of amps of that type sell for used. It would need to sound good though and would attract a different set of customers the same way Yggy does.
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  8. jseymour
    In total agreement with the idea of higher end amps. Schiit offers an outstanding line/range of headphone amplifiers and DACs. I would like to see the same in speaker amplifiers with models above the Vidar. My sons also like that idea as I would be handing my Vidars over to them.
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  9. winders
    How about a 30 to 60 watt Class A amp that sounds as good as or better than the Pioneer M-22? I would buy two! I know a bunch of other guys that would buy one or two as well!
  10. DoubleIPA
    I like the Vidar specs, but would like something officially rated and measured for 4 ohms in mono mode and stable down to 2 ohms. Also THD and noise floor as low as possible.

    I think Benchmark has the one cleanest amps (measured) right now in the AHB2 and it's using some proprietary THX--AAA output circuit. I've heard mixed reviews and it's a wee bit expensive for my blood.
  11. wink
    How about buying a bigger house in Scotland................?:ksc75smile:
  12. Pandahead
    Well, it's getting late here in Florida, but I'll say what I said earlier. Bring on the Amps!

    The world of 2 channel as a lifelong hobby is generally one of expanding horizons..... Jason, people will spend their money on it. You won't sell as many of the more expensive stuff. Price it accordingly. Yggy sells, right? Where would you guys be without Yggy?

    Keep moving the boundaries for us, we like participating in the evolution of great sounding gear.


    I hope.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2018
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  13. OldRoadToad
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018
  14. sublime9

    Looks like a very nice player. What does the pitch control with LED do?
  15. OldRoadToad
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2018

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