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Schiit Bifrost Uber Analog Upgrade

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  1. StanD
    A digital cable that is not up to par will result in problems. Other than that perhaps the improvements in Bass and Treble might be Expectation Bias. One might ask, what is the property of such a cable that might improve SQ? Upon further examination the digital problems of synch and jitter results in audible defects. There should be no improvement to be had over a stream of digital data, either it's good or bad. Comparing audio is no easy task.
    I'll meet you over at Jersey Freeze for Ice Cream.[​IMG]
  2. Tuco1965
    Data is data.  The cable either passes it intact or it doesn't.
  3. JerseyD
    No expectation bias here - similarly priced cables from two companies I have no allegiance to.  Data is data, yes.  How well does the cable transmit the data from the source to the DAC...  It's not an all-or-nothing proposition.  Listen for yourself.

  4. fenderf4i
    Definitely expectation bias. Switch the cables without him knowing, he'd never know.
  5. ady1989
    Except that cable is transporting digital data in 0's and 1's and not analog signal, it's pre-processed raw data and impossible to make a difference. However if it didn't cost too much and it makes a difference to your ears, it's money well spent in my book! I tend to get at least semi-decent looking cables for aesthetic reasons when I could buy them for 2 bucks off Monoprice instead.
  6. JerseyD
    Are you saying you have never A-B tested cables and heard a difference?  With your system, you would.   I'll give you this - If you snuck in and switched the cables one day, I might not notice.  The differences are not enormous.  But if you switch back and forth a few times in one listening session with the same source and song, you will hear a difference.
  7. fenderf4i
    That\s not completely true, the cable is really still sending an analog signal, the "1's and 0's" are a difference in voltage that is being sent.
  8. JerseyD
    Didn't intend to change the thread topic.  Loving the Bifrost Uber so far.  A big step up from my DevilSound and the Musical Fidelity A1's built-in DAC.
  9. StanD
    Any screwups in the 1s and 0s will result in errors not enhanced bass, treble or soundstage, etc.
  10. Tuco1965
  11. fenderf4i

    That is correct, I should have added that.
  12. JerseyD
    OK, I was going to let it drop, but I will only add that in theory everything you say is true, Stan, Fender and Tuco.  I think Jason at Schiit probably agrees with you as well.  
    However, in practice, I have experienced otherwise.  Just for fun, why not buy a couple cables (with full return policies) and ask a friend to help you do a blind audition.  Swap your $2 cable for a couple different flavors of cable costing what you would be willing to spend IF it actually made your sound better.  You each have invested a fair amount in your systems as is.  Listen to something you are very familiar with.  
    Maybe bitrate matters?  The biggest differences I heard were with lower resolution (streaming 320kbps) which I spend a lot of time listening to - trying to polish a turd, I've been told.
  13. fenderf4i
    I've done all that, and have been shown that I've experienced expectation bias which really opened my eyes.
  14. madwolfa
    This was done many times before in many well-controlled DBT experiments. Should I tell the results?
  15. JerseyD
    Only if it was your own ears [​IMG]
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