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Samsung Galaxy 10.1 + Fiio E07k Andes????

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by oleskool, Dec 8, 2013.
  1. oleskool
    Hello everyone I have been using my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 to listen to music. I am not a super complicated guy. I can settle for good sound. I don't need outstanding sound just yet. Been using AKG K44. They have been taken over by my niece who prefers them to ear buds. So I was thinking I may as well take this opportunity to upgrade. Looking at getting m50's + fiio E07K. Will this work together? Will I need to purchase anything else to make it work (cable)? The M50 will be a upgrade in sound quality, so, if the e5,e6,e7, or e11 would work better I could just do that. I have read until I confused myself.

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