1. Leefster

    Cheaper Headphones for a Bedroom Producer

    Hello all! This is my first post on the forum so I hope that I have put it in the right place.   I am in the market for some headphones to be used in my bedroom 'studio'. I will probably be using them for recording, mixing and mastering my tracks (altough I understand that one set of...
  2. Me x3

    Problem of finding the 'Efficiency'

    I was wondering about this problem: I have some different headphones here with some different specs. AKG K44 32 Ohms 115db/V Marshall Major 32 Ohms 115db/mW Yamaha HPH-200 48 Ohms Yamaha only says SPL: 98.5dB (I thought: ok! Nobody talks about efficiency then those are db/V -...
  3. mllerena

    Replace my old AKG-44 with...?

    Hello. First posting and new member, but long time guest at this site.   I've had my AKG-44 for many years now. My AKG have been good to me so far and have enjoyed listening to music (all types.) Recently hearing a pair of headphones at a friends house makes me feel I've been in the dark...
  4. RGBER

    AKG K44 and Sennheiser HD 518 Excesive bass!

    This is my first post in this excellent Forum.  I have been designing and comparing speakers for over 50 years -in an amateur way- and my only contact with earphones had been, time ago, with some Sennheiser HD 424 which I liked.   Recently I bought a pair of AKG K44 that seemed to me very...
  5. HolyCheese

    Sub 20$ (€15) headphones as a christmass gift

    Hi there,   It's been a very long time since I have been on this site. Mostly because I'm content with what I have and don't need anything new. But now I need your help again. I'm looking for good closed back full sized cans with a bit of emphasis on the bass for under 15 euros. The only...
  6. will1258

    Good headphones for smartphone for under 35 bucks?

    I have a htc one, I see the akg 44 9n sake for 19 but I'm guessing smartphones don't have the power to push them properly. What's a good headphone mostly closed to use my smartphone? I was guessing the jvc s400 or s500.
  7. oleskool

    Samsung Galaxy 10.1 + Fiio E07k Andes????

    Hello everyone I have been using my Samsung Galaxy 10.1 to listen to music. I am not a super complicated guy. I can settle for good sound. I don't need outstanding sound just yet. Been using AKG K44. They have been taken over by my niece who prefers them to ear buds. So I was thinking I may as...
  8. lejosdelsol

    How can I disassembly an AKG K44?

    Hi all, I am sorry to look for answers in my first post, I am a complete rookie with an AKG K44 and I don't know how to open it to change/repair cable, could any of you help me? thank you in advance for any guidance you can share with me.
  9. ropeadope

    AKG K44 ($19 at GuitarCenter) Very nice budget phones

    Picked some of these up at Guitar Center for $20 or so, on sale for President's day weekend. Don't expect a very full or detailed review. I've listened to them for less than 20 minutes. This after using my Denon D2000s for 4 years. I didn't know if $20 headphones could satisfy me. But they do...
  10. durden

    New on ear headphones

    Hey guys. I'm looking at moving into the on ear realm of headphones. All through college, I was into IEM's and got excellent recommendations from you all as to what set would best suit my taste. So I'm looking at something around $50 US, on Amazon (as I have gift cards to spend). I listen to...
  11. KimChee

    FS AKG K44

    Hey guys,   I have a basically new AKG K44 for sale, I have the original box it came with (though I can't get it to stay together).  Looking for $25 shipped CONUS.  Please PM me with any questions or concerns. 
  12. nimnz

    akg k44 v2 vs denon ah-d310

    this would be my my first headphone in the journey of a audiophile. So guys please help me to decide which would be the best.. thank you
  13. Siddhartranc

    which ones of the following headphones are best for studio use?

    AKG K44 V2 AKG K77 AKG K99 Audio Technica Pro5 Audio Technica Pro5v Audio Technica Pro5ms     i am looking for headphones which are plain.i produce edm.
  14. NickAcrobat

    Best headphones for 50 bucks?

    My choices are skullcandy Hesh, skullcandy Agents, Koss UR50, or Koss R80.   If anyone knows of anything better than these close to $50-$60 please let me know.   Im looking for a headphone that covers the ear, with minimal leakage, and low frequency response like less than 20 Hz. Thanks.
  15. Flumphy

    Need cheap headphone quick (my good pair broke)

    Hi,   While waiting until I can get warranty for my Koss headphones I need a cheap (20-25$-) headphone to watch movies and play games...    Who knows a good comfi headphone that fit's my needs?   Something like this:  ...
  16. sabathiel

    Need help choosing a budget headphones for home recording.

    I have a mini home studio recording. I mainly record karaoke covers using karaoke backing tracks and some acoustic guitar covers. I use a Behringer 1202FX mixer, AKG Perception 420 multi-pattern studio condenser mic, Boss Pro CL-50 compressor/limiter/gate connected to a desktop using a Creative...
  17. SpaceKake

    Been pondering for days.

    So I currently have just a pair of HD 201's ( for comparison) I listen to Electronic, psyc, rock, dubstep, and djent i've found a few on ebay, but i cant decide between them, so i came here i want clarity, but i also want nice bass, and i dont know which to choose Harx700, K 44's, K...
  18. jreme

    Cheaper AKG's decent?

    Hey so I was recently looking at the AKG K514 as an option for some new cans. So far my best headphones are $20 JVC Flats (still great value), and I was looking for a slight step up. The AKG K514's have pretty good reviews and for the price they seem like the best option.. The other option was a...
  19. Prog Rock Man

    Full Sized Headphone Popularity Check

    There are threads for amps and DACs, so why not cans? Below £100 ($150) AKG K44 (1) Midrange £100 - £500 ($150 - $750) AKG K702 (1) Goldring NS1000 (1) Grado SR80 (1) High End £500 plus ($750 plus)
  20. zoofer

    Is there a full-size closed headphone (circumaural or supraaural) as comfortable as Bose under $100

    Is there a full-sized headphone as comfortable as the Bose Triports? I have a large to x-large sized cranium and my almost 2 year old Senn HD280pro is still too uncomfortable due to the high clamping force (believe me, I've tried all the suggestions to loosen them up with no success). I have a...
  21. Xtrenity

    KOSS UR20 vs. Sennheiser HD201

    I'm looking for what you would call, "The best bang for the buck". I usually just use this for moderate gaming, and some music listening. I'm not going to fork over anything that's more than 40 dollars, (if it's something like 42 dollars I'll think about it). So far, from taking a look at head...
  22. tdockweiler

    Deal Alert: AKG k44 MKII for $29.99 + Free Shipping

    I picked these up today after seeing this deal online. I've been wanting a pair for a few months, but was afraid that for the $50 or so they'd sound terrible and my Guitar Center doesn't accept returns.   Out of the box everything sounds very good. Nothing jumps out at me that sounds bad. So...
  23. ShineOnMe

    RP-HTX7, CS-HP600, AKG K44 help needed shortly!

    Hi to everybody! this is my first post, i know, so i beg you pardon as this is the classical newbye, nothing knowing, without a penny question.. but there I go. I passed the last week reading this forum, in order to start making me some culture in the headphones world.. this mainly beacouse...
  24. JamesMcProgger

    AKG: K44mkII or K77

    Good day fellas.   Two AKG not-so-famous Headphones, (compared to their bigger brothers) : K44mkII or K77, Both at 50$ in amazon/musician's friend at the moment.   K44 MKII (link to amazon)     K77 (link to amazon)     REALLY hi-quality images and specs in the AKG...
  25. jtaylor991

    Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro or AKG k44?

    I am stuck between the Beyer Dynamic DT 770 Pro and the AKG K 44's. Tried both of them at guitar center and akg's have way more bass on some black eyed peas songs and the rest is the same between the two. The akg's are on sale for 30 bucks down from 80 and the beyer dynamics are 200 but on sale...