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Sabaj D5: the DAC that is unquestionably a digital to analog converter

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by Dadbeh, Apr 6, 2019.
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  1. jkraft
    Buyers be aware! Had a bad experience when ordering from Sabaj Store Aliexpress. D5 order was made at the end of Aug from clearance. Seller sent a tracking number and indicated that item was shipped (from UK). Turns out tracking was fake and item was never shipped. Dispute is currently in progress. Hopefully get my money back.

    So where one can order D5 in EU....other store than Sabaj...? Amazon has them but Sabaj is a seller...unfortunately.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2019
  2. adeseaso
    My experience was terrible as well, even though I got it without much delay.

    I order it via AliExpress and go outside. While around town I decide to log in on my phone just to find the order number since oddly I never received any confirmation email or anything. AliExpress flags my new IP and I'm forced to confirm my identity.

    This is where the fun starts - the only option available is SMS validation, but I never get an SMS. I try various family members phones but nothing. You then have to be very clever and fight their customer support bot if you want to speak to a human being, it took me two hours to finally get past the bot. The person on the other end says nothing can be done and that she'll ask her colleague to send me a validation code over email. Nothing comes.

    So if it hadn't magically appeared (from Amazon) one day I would have had no clue how to proceed. I have no proof of purchase, no means to log in, no order number.

    Needless to say I'm never using AliExpress ever again.
  3. smoothb0re
    I was suuper impressed by the D5. It made my planars open right up. The amp section was so good that I was seriously considering ditching my brand new 789 because a D5 alone would easily be enough. Still haven't checked how it does with HE6's though, might be getting a pair for myself.

    As for bad experiences with people have had, I feel I need to say this. I would avoid aliexpress and Shenzenaudio completely at this point. I just had a discussion with our small Nordic audio community members, and was stunned to hear the amount of bad experiences and outright scams during the last 6 months. With Shenzenaudio half the problem seems to be that their customer support speaks very little english, though there were a few cases that were actually pretty disturbing - one case in particular was pretty bad. Additionally I have some stupidly bad experiences with their warranty service, and aliexpress support hasn't been any better. It was enough for me to decide to stick to ordering from EU-based stores or ebay/amazon only. The small savings when ordering from aliexpress or Shenzenaudio just aren't worth it to me anymore.
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  4. NemoReborn
    HI there , i a new onwer of the sabaj d5 , love it so far But ! But ... im probably dumb or too high .. but i do not understand the volume knob on the unit ... it dsnt up and down volume ?! i can do it with the remote but thats it . volume knob dsnt seems to be working for adjusting volume. !? im pretty sure i did it this afternoon ...
  5. KingFiercer
    You must update your firmware to solve volume knob problem. Contact the seller to get firmware update tools.
  6. pollyjingjing
    It needs to update to the New firmware, connect with the seller to take the tool like below:
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  7. microzyma
    Anybody else waiting for one? Ordered 10/10, supposedly in stock in a US warehouse. Email from Polly said "about 10 days to arrive". It's the 22nd and no tracking number or answer to the follow-up email I sent a couple of days ago. Ordered through Hifi Express.
  8. pollyjingjing
    I have sent it #1088 on our UK amazon warehouse. But the amazon didn't update the tracking number for me. If I get it, I will send it to you at the first time.
  9. microzyma
    I'm in the US
  10. pollyjingjing
    Oh sorry, that is US warehouse, sorry for the wrong word.
  11. microzyma
    That's great. If there's a tracking number I'd find it useful. You can pm or email it to me.
  12. microzyma
    Have received no private communication from seller about a delivery date or tracking number. Wondering what other recent purchaser experiences are like.
  13. microzyma
    Still no communication from seller. PayPal dispute launched.
  14. Marutks
    Does D5 work well with Focal Stellia (35 ohm) cans? No background noise?
  15. MarCo7
    I'm using it right now with my Focal Elegia (35ohms) and has silent background, no problems at all and with very good dynamic sound.
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