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Sabaj D5: the DAC that is unquestionably a digital to analog converter

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by Dadbeh, Apr 6, 2019.
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  1. PolloLoco
    Awesome! I had my heart set on the Fostex until the Sabaj D5 released and I decided to take a chance. It's nice to know that I might have made the right call.
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  2. adeseaso
    I let it reach equilibrium temp (since the ASR review shows it to measure poorly cold) and have then listened 8 hours or so. Early days for me too.

    I've owned a RME ADI-2 DAC recently and I have a feeling the HPA was a fair bit better in the RME, wish I still had it, AB would be interesting. I think those two are closer in character than either of them to a Chord.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
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  3. MarCo7
    What sets of HPs are u guys using with the D5? My balanced adapter hasn't arrived yet so I'm running from the SE for the first week. But I do like how it makes my Sendy Aivas sing
  4. MarCo7
    I also had my eyes on the Fostex, even thought about going to Japan to pick it up directly. Though my first choice was/is the Monoprice THX 788 the almost $650 I'd have paid (after shipping and duty taxes) for it just made the D5 at $360 the easy choice.
    Last edited: Sep 6, 2019
  5. HungryPanda
    I have balanced xlr to 4.4 and also xlr to 2.5 so I'm covered. I'm using quite a variety of headphone/ iems/ earbuds with it
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  6. MarCo7
    Oh yeahhhhhhh...3hr listening session on the first night, glorious :) P_20190907_133553_vHDR_On_1.jpg
  7. Tonza
    Got the D5 to replace SU-8 and Arcam rHead with an integrated unit from the Aliexpress sale. Initial impressions are good. I think I like the Clear's more from the SE output of the Sabaj than
    the rHead. I still prefer the P20 a bit more because it has higher output impedance which smooths the Clear a bit and brings up bass for late night listening.

    For the sale price it is a great deal.
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  8. Fabiosantos25
    Sabaj D5 as line out DAC feeding (XLR) MD THX 789 to Senn HD800 (XLR) - Strong and datailed bass, datailed and smooth treble, great mids - Love the combination
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  9. Stekos
    I'm guessing they cover the voltage switch so people don't set it the wrong way and fry something. The switch is under the sticker.
  10. pollyjingjing
  11. jmpsmash
  12. pollyjingjing
    Ship from the US warehouse. In stock there.
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  13. fsacks
    Mine came from an Amazon warehouse in California. Took 2 days once they shipped...
  14. adeseaso
    Same for me in Sweden, sent from Amazon EU. Quick delivery.
  15. Stekos
    I've had mine for about a week now. Seriously LOVE this thing.

    I wanted/needed a balanced DAC to go between several inputs (PC-USB, DAP-COAX and DAP-Optical) - and out to my Stax 353. I have files up to 24/192 and DSD-12.

    The only thing that hung me up was the remote. You have to hit "C" on the remote before it will work. Weird, but it's sort-of explained in the manual.

    Before I had this hooked up, I had a Cambridge DAC, connected via SE out.

    I've tested it through all my file types/sample rates, and the screen picks them all up instantly. It basically covers everything.

    As far as I can tell, this DAC is completely and utterly silent. No noise, no hum, no added anything. It's like a passive converter box in the middle.

    The headphone amp wasn't something I really needed, but since it has a balanced output, and I have another pair of balanced headphones, I tried that out also. Not a LOT of punch, but definitely enough for my HD650's connected via 4-pin balanced connector.

    Overall I'm more than happy with this little beast. I call it a beast because it's quite heavy. I have not opened it up, but from the pics I've seen it's got a decent transformer, and the case is solid metal, so I'm hoping there isn't a Beats-like weight inside to make it feel more substantial.
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