Rockbox for iBasso DX50 dual boot with stock firmware

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Mar 13, 2014.
  1. herdom
    Thank you very much, I´m going to try it [​IMG]
  2. JosefKafka

    Is the Rockbox optimized build in this post the same as it comes with 1.9.4 fw or is it the new one?
    Thanks for the update anyway! :)
  3. cholero

    The "optimized build" is not new. It is from march this year.
  4. JosefKafka
    OK, thanks for keeping things up to date.
  5. Shtihi
    will this work on the new 1.9.5 firmware?
  6. sduck
    1.9.5 came out today. Cholero hasn't done a dual boot version of it yet, but I'm sure he will soon - he usually does it within a day or so. Patience, grasshopper.
  7. Shtihi
    it came out at june 30th
  8. sduck
    Sorry, it looks like you are correct. I guess it'll happen when it happens.
  9. cholero
    Hey sduck, you wrote that the update was working perfectly when i posted the link to the patched fw 1.9.5 the day it came out
  10. sduck
    Oh right - yes I did! Now I see that the first post hasn't been updated, the 1.9.5 stuff is on the last page ( Sorry about the confusion!
    So shtihi - yes, it does indeed work in 1.9.5!
  11. JosefKafka
    I started to use original mango fw more often and I wanted to change the wallpaper in it. I did everything as required, and after copying Wallpaper.png file to the root of built-in memory and disconnecting iBasso from PC, the wallpaper changed. BUT once I restart iBasso with mango fw again, the stock wallpaper (that rainy something) comes back. No matter how many times I restart iBasso, the custom wallpaper never appears again. Could this be caused by the dual bootloader? Got someone here the same issue? I tried to google this problem, but I didn't find anything at all. It's not big issue, but I would be happy to solve it. I use latest cholero bootloader.
  12. aivar1988
    how can i update my dx50 rockbox to new version? i have very old version from many many years ago and i dont even remember how to boot up original fw so i can get it updated, perhaps i have deleted original mango. i copyd img file to internal drive but it only boots up as rockbox, memory card is exFAT.
    so my only chance is to format sd card to fat32 and do it that way? i remember i got stuck with updates when you had to change ini files to add some codes that went over my head a little.
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  13. cholero
    Hello aivar1988.
    If you have a very old installation you could still have a version with clockwork mod recovery. In this case you would have to revert to the stock ibasso recovery and then update with a patched firmware containing the Rockbox loader.
    The latest installation instruction is in post #1963 and also the link to my MEGA account where you can find all patched firmwares, optimized Rockbox builds, and in case, the stock recovery.
    The new forum is a pain in the ass. Otherwise I would have been able to quickly show you some screenshots that are inside this thread that show you how to distinguish if you have stock recovery or ibasso recovery.
    All information you need is hidden somewhere in this thread.
    This website update has been a pitty so far. For years the head-fi website forum usability was miles ahead to other forums, specially the mobile version. The quality of websites of other forums were slowly catching up but still not there. Until now this new version is a small step backwards :frowning2:
  14. aivar1988
    OK, iv now formated sd card to fat32 and copyd stock recovery to sd card. bootup and when i try to start recovery from sd card it says "Can not found firmware image or invalid image. aborted."
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  15. cholero
    So that means you have already stock recovery. So you only have to put the patched firmware to the micro-SD

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