Rockbox for iBasso DX50 dual boot with stock firmware

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by headwhacker, Mar 13, 2014.
  1. aivar1988
    with " DX50Firmware_V1.9.5_with_rockbox_bl_20160630" image fail i still get the same message... "Can not found firmware image or invalid image. aborted." i must me missing something bigtime. iv also done reset settings from bootup menu. no help.
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  2. cholero
    -> You have formatted the uSD card with fat32 and extracted the patched V1.9.5 to the card so you have the file "update.img" on the root of the sdcard?
    -> Then you have booted to recovery with holding Vol+ while booting and selected "apply update from SDcard"?
  3. aivar1988
    Yes. i will try with another sd card, this one might have died on me.
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  4. aivar1988
    i cannot format my 128gb sd card to fat32, it only allows exFAT or NTFS (win7 default formater), the other 2 gb card that i formated to fat32 does not look like working anymore :)

    i could try with my phones sd card and see how long does that survive in fat32 dimension..
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  5. pietro77
    You must format it with different programs, for example:
    FAT32 Format
  6. ceemsc
    Connect your SD card to a Linux pc & use fdisk & mkfs commands to partition & format your card as FAT32.
  7. aivar1988
    ok thanks, i will try the FAT32 Format.
  8. aivar1988
    OK now update.img worked but it had some " script error" during update, then " ignored..." and it went on. now iv got stock mango fw that works and rockbox that does NOT work.i get error " rockbox installation missing. make sure you have a valid rockbox build blablabla installed in ".rockbox" folder..."
    the one i installed was ""

    and internal drive is empty, i dont see .rockbox folder in there
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  9. ceemsc
    Not being a RockBox installer expert but taking an engineer's view, can you list the current folder/file contents (apart from music) of each drive here so folks can take a look?
  10. cholero
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  11. aivar1988
    working now! Thanks cholero and others !!
  12. the Red Eft
    Here's an elementary question: is there a key or key combo that will take me right back to the WPS from the File browser? All these years I've been using the Back button to go all the way out of my folder structure to the main menu and then select Now Playing, which loses my place.
  13. cholero
    Unfortunately not. But you can use a theme that has a "go-to-wps" touch button (my themes "arc-en-ciel" and "naranjada" have such a button, the album cover)
    Edit: you can insert such a soft button in your favorite theme if you like.
    See here:
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  14. the Red Eft
    Thanks! I feel better knowing I wasn't just using it wrong. :wink:

    I've never switched themes from Cabbie or customized a theme, but I'll check it out. Thanks again.
  15. the Red Eft
    Hi Cholero,

    Just a note to say thanks for naranjada --- I love the back-to-WPS button, and the theme works great (with a slightly bigger font now that I've started to need reading glasses).

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