RME ADI-2 Pro - DAC, Headamp, an a lot of more stunning features

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by hubert481, Feb 18, 2017.
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  1. nazrin313
    owh man I would be too if I had 'THAT' sitting on my desk
  2. dcguy73
    I was concerned that my iFi Pro iCan amp wasn't resolving enough with my Focal Elears for classical/jazz music...so I tried them with the ADI-2 Pro AE (as a DAC and amp)... Noticeably more detail and resolution with that combination. (I did also add a Moon Audio Silver Dragon cable to the mix.) Plus, I could adjust the ADI-2 Pro's five-band equalizer by steps of 0.5 dB to change the sound through the Elears.
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  3. RudeWolf
    Yeah. Great as always!
  4. thedevilstone
    Sweet in deed. I was able to snatch an AE a couple of days ago. Now, one question: what Y adaptor is that? That is, what's the brand? Or is it DIY? I have a Sennheiser H800S with a balanced cable (XLR) and I'll need that type of adaptor. Found a Sommer, but not sure about quality, not sure it's in the same league as Mogami and such.

  5. occamsrazor
  6. gepardcv
    An ADI-2 Pro with R2R DAC chips and a blackout mode? :sunglasses:
  7. abhinit90
  8. occamsrazor
    I was also poised to buy an ADI-2 but probably still will. My guess is it may be completely unrelated to ADI-2, guys on Gearslutz are speculating it could be some pro-networked-audio related interface but I guess no-one knows. In any case makes sense to wait a few days at least I guess....
  9. HuoYuanJia
    It's DIY but done by www.dysonaudio.com.

    I know. :wink:
    If you are interested in the ADI-2 Pro, I suggest to hold back just a few more days until it's official. Worth it!
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  10. NickedWicked
    Very excited for the announcement tomorrow! I really hope it's an improvement of the already rock solid ADI-2 Pro.
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  11. HuoYuanJia
    Presenting the RME ADI-2 DAC.


    1. SteadyClock FS with femtosecond accuracy.
    2. Dedicated IEM output that absolutely kills all noise - even from super sensitive IEMs like Andromeda.
    3. Remote control.
    4. Huge price cut!

    1. No more analogue-to-digital conversion.
    2. No more balanced head-amp via adapter.
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  12. Soundwave76
    Wow. This should appeal A LOT to IEM fans. I would probably be just fine with this model, but the AE edition simply looks soooooo good... :)
  13. developer
    All the improvements are pleasing. We would like to thank RME for bringing this product to Audiophil and headphone world. But why did the balanced headphone output be removed?
  14. occamsrazor
    Looks great..... Some questions....

    1. No mention of the DAC chip, can we therefore assume it is the same 2 x AKM AK4490? (I've no reason to think different, just wondering).

    2. Price, and when it will likely be available (for me in the UK)...

    3. Personally I would use as a DAC/Pre with speakers, not headphones, so the lack of balanced doesn't affect me. But am wondering if there has been any change to the whole internal routing. For example I liked the idea on the ADI-2 Pro of running a crossover internally using the PEQ on the rear 1/2 XLR outputs to main speakers, and the front 3/4 ones to subwoofer. I wonder if you would still be able to do that....

    The manual is now there to download.... going to need to do some long reading tonight!
    Last edited: Dec 14, 2017
  15. NickedWicked
    I was wondering that as well, would love to pair them with my monitors. Hope RME replaced the AKM's as well, they are very nice, but there are better alternatives imo.
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