RME ADI-2 Pro - DAC, Headamp, an a lot of more stunning features

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by hubert481, Feb 18, 2017.
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  1. bartzky
    I think my cable was 1.49€..
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  2. abhinit90
    Even I believe so. Thankfully I had a spare usb cable lying about (the connector is not common) else I would't have been able to listen to the RME when I got it. Just seemed a bit odd to me. I really like how their motto is all work no BS. No flashy stuff. I really like the eq and other options present. Really satisfies the tinker inside me.

    It does sounds great though. Low power in SE is more than enough for the T1. This along with the UE900s are making me rediscover my music collection.
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  3. Sinarca
    making me rediscover my music collection.[/QUOTE]

    The same for me. New collection. Very happy
  4. Soundwave76
    I am so pleased with this device. The sound is heavenly, the looks are fantastic, and most importantly... 'the fever' for new and better DAC/amp has totally gone! The new piece of mind is a bliss. Highly recommended! :)
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  5. uelover
    So far I have no luck driving planar (both HE1000V2 and LCD-X) from the head amp section of the ADI-2 Pro.

    I’m using balanced connection and for sure the volume can go all the way up but there’s not enough body/slam to the sound and it gets fatiguing too quickly.

    With my CIEM and my Audio Technica R70X it gets much better.

    I guess that is the limit to the power of its internal head amp.
  6. dcguy73
    This might be a dumb question, but have you tried using the headphone amp in high power mode with your planars?
  7. uelover
    Yes I did. It only increases the headroom but not so much on th the overall weight of the sound. The biggest jump was from single ended to balanced mode.
  8. Phoniac
    Then dial in some bass. I wouldn't wonder if your ADI is not set to linear/bypass at all, but if so then you have PEQ and Bass/Treble at hand to quickly let them slam as much as you like. I own the LCD-X as well and it works perfectly with the Pro.
  9. uelover
    I have turned off the EQ feature on the ADI-2 Pro after trying a bit as I prefer the non-EQ-ed sound.

    The thing is, I enjoy my ATH R70X and CIEM on the ADI-2 Pro much better than the two planar. On other amps, it would be the other way around.

    I have just sold off my HE1000V2 to resist the desire to get a full-size desktop tube amp, and I may buy back that headphone again once I am able to pair it with another amp.
  10. abhinit90
    Fair enough, but you could atleast try EQing. I just turn up the bass on some tracks (Quite easy to toggle through bass/ treble instead of EQ). Just try it once.

    I'm in love with this wonderful piece of gear.
  11. uelover
    I have tried both the 5-band parametric EQ as well as the simplified bass/treble dial, and I preferred the non-EQed sound.

    I have on hand Focal Clear which sounded great with the ADI-2 Pro as well, which led me to the conclusion that dynamics headphone could pair better with this DAC/Amp than Planar. I have not tried with enough headphones to be able to make such a generalisation, but that has been my experience so far with the limited headphones I have on hand.
  12. Phoniac
    Then you shouldn't do it. Having seen the Pro on Audeze's booth at last year NAMM this really sounds ridiculous. Not to mention all the positive reviews all over the web for a complete year now. You really come late to the party but think you can start it again. Not in my opinion. And I also have the AEON closed here. Works well as well.
  13. uelover
    Please note that I am not bashing the ADI-2 Pro, I am simply stating my personal experience about the limitation of its internal headlamp, that it still cannot compete with the top dog standalone amps out there.

    Yes, it can drive most headphones decently, but there is a difference between sounding good and sounding great.

    Maybe I came in with too high an expectation on its internal headamp. As a DAC it is fantastic.
  14. bidn
    I don't have this issue with my RME and my LCD-X with the main jack in unbalanced mode, but I don't listen at high volume.

    Re. your use of balanced connection, do you mean you are combining the two TRS front jacks with the special adapter mentioned earlier in this thread?
  15. uelover
    My LCD-X is the latest 2017 production unit. Not sure if that is different sounding from the earlier LCD-Xs.

    Yes I am using the special adapter (made by Blue Jeans Cable) utilising both the TRS front jacks for my balanced connection.
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