RME ADI-2 Pro - DAC, Headamp, an a lot of more stunning features

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by hubert481, Feb 18, 2017.
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  1. knopi
    Black Aniversary Edition is so beauty in some ways...
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  2. rschoi75
    Hi guys, I've been following this thread for a while, and recently made the jump to the AE version. It's an amazing piece of kit.
    The sheer depth of features for such a tiny box is incredible. I haven't even scratched the surface of what this can do, and I'm already amazed. I'm also pairing it with a Audio Zenith PMx2 in balanced mode, and it is just lovely in every aspect. Visually stunning, compact footprint, dead quiet background, feature rich, and reference level sound. I'm very pleased to say the least. Thanks for all the impressions here, and on other websites. They were all right on point.

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  3. occamsrazor
    Anyone compared this to a Mytek Brooklyn? Seems like that would be interesting given Mytek's pro background and smilar price.
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  4. ahmadfaizadnan
    Would love to hear some impressions on this too :ksc75smile:
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  5. uelover
    Anyone has got any recommendation for 2x6.3mm to 4pin-XLR adapter?

    I am looking to drive my headphone in a balanced configuration and so far, I could only find moon-audio making such an adapter at US$130 (for their blue dragon series).
  6. rschoi75
    I had corpse cable make mine for me. $89.99 for their high end gravedigger (cardas) cable. Just contact them through their website.

    *If you have a pono player on the side, you can get this one and use 6.3mm adapters and get two adapters in one.

    You can also find a cheaper option from Dyson audio available on ebay:
  7. quasimofo
    Blue Jeans Cable made one for $39. Just email Wayne the pinout.

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  8. uelover
    Thanks! I will drop BJC an email!
  9. occamsrazor

    Was wondering if any users out there might be able to answer 2 questions for me....

    - Is anyone using the 2 x rear analogue outputs simultaneously e.g. to drive a power amp with the XLR outputs and a subwoofer via the TRS (with rca adapter) outputs? If so how is it?

    - Can anyone confirm if the unit responds to USB HID volume controls under Mac OSX and/or via "device controls" volume in Roon?

  10. uelover
    It is strange though that BJC and Corpse Cable stopped replying me after I sent that the wiring drawings.

    Has anyone tested/compared the difference between driving the headphone SE vs Balanced on the RME ADI-2 Pro?

    I’m thinking of just buying a set of headphone cable for my HE1000v2 and am debating whether to have it terminated SE or with dual 6.3mm
  11. Sinarca
    I have not compared but...Balanced for sure. Double the power output
  12. quasimofo
    Apart from more power it also utilises both DACs. If you are buying an aftermarket cable I would stick with an XLR termination though and just buy an adapter. BJC turnaround time is fast, once the order is underway.
  13. uelover
    Ok BJC replied me immediately after I posted my above message. That was after waiting for a few days for their reply.

    What cable length should I opt for the adapter? Is 5cm too short?
  14. uelover
    Another question, has anyone tried using it with a quality linear power supply to see if that brings any improvement to the table?
  15. occamsrazor

    @simomat - I see in your signature you are using the ADI-2 with the SOTM SMS-200 and Roon. I am thinking to do similar and would love to hear more....

    Speakers rig: Synology 415+ (4 x 4 TB) => 2016 iMac 27" with SOtM sms-200 miniserver with power supply => Roon 1.3/HQ Player => TotalDac USB cable => RME ADI-2 Pro => Via Blue XLR => Custom made 3-way active monitors

    Can you kindly give your experience of this setup? How have you configured Roon in terms of upsampling etc? Have you tried upsampling to DSD256 in either DoP or Native ways? Did the SMS-200 make a worthwhile difference compared to Mac > USB > ADI-2? Which power supply are you using with the SMS-200? Thanks in advance......
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