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RME ADI-2 Pro - DAC, Headamp, an a lot of more stunning features

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by hubert481, Feb 18, 2017.
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  1. occamsrazor
    From the manual...

    Page 19:

    "The ADI-2 DAC processes all audio in the digital domain. Having only one stereo digital to ana- log converter, different settings of volume, equalizer or effects for the three outputs is not possi- ble when used simultaneously (the ADI-2 Pro has two DACs, therefore can process two stereo signals independently with different settings)"

    Page 34:

    "The rear RCA and XLR outputs and the front outputs Phones and IEM are fed from the same DAC, hence carry the same signal. They all have individual driver stages with different output levels, see next chapters for details"

    Last edited: Dec 14, 2017
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  2. rschoi75
    Looks great. Nice and tidy.

    I wish they kept the balanced headphone out and dual dac, but hopefully the price will reflect this. If it's around the $1000 usd range it should be well received.
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  3. occamsrazor
  4. Hubert481
    Hi guys - could you please make an own thread for the ADI-2 DAC - thank you
    Otherwise, it will be a mixed up of different features and firmware updates and it might be therefore not funny - thank you.
    RME ADI-2 Pro
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  5. NickedWicked
  6. bidn
    While I find the RME really fantastic, there was one downside for me: the music sometimes felt "cold" with my Utopia and other detailed headphones, but I have found a solution that satisfies me: changing in the I/O menu (button) the DAC filter setting, which is set by default to "SD sharp" (Short delay sharp = for studio engineers), to "slow" and even better to "NOS", now it is even more lively (stronger impulse responses) and just a tad warmer (more harmonics I guess) but not too much, just perfect for me... :)
    (at some point I was thinking of purchasing another amp, maybe the Violectric V281, but now I feel fully satisfied with the NOS setting.)

    All these settings and the screen with the RME are so nice once you learn to use them, for example I changed the balance L-R as my left ear is not quite as good as my right, something I notice when listening at very low levels (below -70dB on the normal +4 dBu = +7 dB power mode) with closed headphones and the super low noise of the RME. (I usually listen at levels between -50 and -60 dB with all hps in the normal +4 dBu power mode). Before owning the RME, there was no point in listening to levels corresponding to RME's -70 dB , and with those corresponding to -60 dB were not entirely clean, the other amps failed to have such clean enough sound at these low levels, they had too much SNR.

    I am so glad I bought this small and never producing heat RME ADI-2 PRO, I presently feel no need for additional or more expensive devices :)

    Happy new year to all RME owners, enjoy this small jewel which can do so many things so well!
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
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  7. Soundwave76
    ^ yes, these are some of the reasons why the ADI-2 Pro is superior to many many other DAC/amps. Too few head-fi enthusiasts even consider smart EQ etc that match their individual hearing. I haven't gone this far with my ADI-2 Pro AE, yet. I do use the smart loudness, which is just awesome.
  8. knopi
    How is RME with warmer headphone like LCDX? The Brooklyn DAC was great with LCDX in my opinion very well balance, but with HE560 it was a little on colder side as you describe with Utopia.
  9. onsionsi
    did you found a difference in the sound between battery and power supply?
  10. bidn
    Hi knopi,

    with warmer headphones like my LCD-X I never felt the RME to be cold.

    Comparing using my RME to using my iFi iCAN Pro with my LCD-X:

    - there was no improvement in detail retrieval (unlike with more detailed headphones), etc.

    - where I got an improvement which I find very useful with the LCD-X is that the RME provides a clean sound at very low levels (see my post above: -60dB, -70 dB) , allowing me to listen at quite lower levels than with the iFi,
    which I find very important for preserving my ears, especially when spending hours each day listening to music (in addition to my home desk be it also at work or while actively doing things with Bluetooth headphones).
    I have noticed that people I know who listen to a lot of music have lost some of their hearing capacity and have to listen at levels much higher than what I can stand, .e.g. with my AK240 at work, I will listen between levels of 1 and maximum 30,
    but I let one guy try it and he put the volume between 90 and much more... or when I let another guy try out my Mojo, he had to put the volume at maximum).

    Have you tried your Mytec Brooklyn at very low levels and does it indicate the volume in dB ?

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  11. Turrican2
    No perceivable difference to my ears. The unit is super quiet on mains power anyway.
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  12. knopi
    Thank you for info Bidn, great.

    I am absolutely the same in this regards with headphones. I always listen on lower levels for many reasons, I enjoy more music like that and much longer, if I listen more loud my ears is sooner tired, strangely I do not feel this with speakers probably becouse it is far from ears.
    Yes it indicates it is from 0 to -100. Unforturtunately I do not remember on how exact volume dB Brooklyn was with LCDX becouse I do not own headphone longer time, I only tested LCDX with my Brooklyn DAC 3 hours in shop, but I think it was similar around -60,-70 dB as you. But Mytek and RME are probably different, I am not sure but I think Mytek have around 4W to 32Ohm and RME around 1,5-2W but really not sure.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2017
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  13. abhinit90
    This unit doesn't come with a usb cable?
  14. bidn
    Indeed, it doesn't come with a USB cable. I use a 1 m long iFi Audio Mercury USB cable (€ 150) [addition, forgot in my initial post: + iFi micro iUSB 3.0 purifier (€450)].

    Nevertheless the RME is such a super bargain. With the Utopia, the level of detail, dynamics and the purity (SNR) of the sound are so incredible, to such a point I felt it was too much and needed to change the DAC setting from SD Sharp to NOS.
    Now compare this to a Chord Dave (€ 11 000) owner needing to add a Chord Blu MK II (€ 9000) plus super expensive cables, etc., = for a total probably way above € 21 000, compared to the € 1500 for which you can get the RME in Europe, i.e. such a high detail Chord setup costs something between 13 and 15 times the price of the RME, (and wastes some space compared to the tiny and stackable RME) to get a very pure and not too bloated sound with the Dave:

    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
  15. Soundwave76
    RME ADI-2 is definetly NOT for those, who think they need expensive USB cables. One can use any USB cable they most likely have lying around somewhere. I think an ok move from RME not to add to the cable waste...
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