RME ADI-2 Pro - DAC, Headamp, an a lot of more stunning features

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by hubert481, Feb 18, 2017.
  1. GoodEnoughGear
    I'm very interested in your impressions with the Genelecs. I'm looking at several options to drive a pair of 8030s + 7050 sub. ADI-2 Pro is high on the list. I must say it does look sexy!
  2. Soundwave76
    I now have a pair of 8020b, but I am waiting for the new 8331s, for which I have high hopes. I hope to get them around August when the first batch arrives in stores here in Finland. The ADI sounds... simply better, than my previous DAC/preamp, which was ODAC. I can't really describe in detail how it sounds better and I don't plan to do any comparisons with the ODAC anymore. This one is a keeper. :)
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  3. stakatch
    My new DAC)
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  4. Soundwave76
    What a beauty. The silver panel matches nicely to HD800s! :)

    How do you like it so far? Stellar in my opinion.
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  5. canali
    another dac for me to consider as i ponder replacing my ifi micro idsd.
    also considering new hugo2, kitsune level 3 halo and ps audio direct stream dac jr, too.
  6. stakatch
    Very energetic fast sound! Very good sense of space. Absolutely love It!
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  7. Soundwave76
    ^ Well said, I totally agree. Some of my 'reference songs' sound just amazing. Try for example Till Tomorrow and Kiss In Blue from Yello.
  8. Mifi
    I'd be curious to hear how some of you use the extended features of this unit.....recommendations for HD800 eq , balanced vs unbalanced, etc etc...
  9. Soundwave76
    Setting up the 'intelligent loudness' is next on my to-do list. One thing I changed is how the unit switces between the headphones and my active monitors. I now have both plugged in and I can switch by pressing the volume knob half a second. VERY handy, since I hate plugging the headphones in and out all the time!
  10. buzzlulu
    Can this DAC/amp accept an iPhone as a source via a lightning/USB cable like a Mojo/Hugo can?

    Has anyone compared this to either of the Chord products?
  11. Soundwave76
  12. stakatch
    Fight!Benchmark VS RME
    Can't decide which is better!))

  13. stakatch
  14. Soundwave76
    I was planning to buy Benchmark DAC3. For me, ADI-2 won based on the huge amount of features and options, the smaller size and awesome looks (I have the anniversary edition model). Both sound great and I don't think I could hear major differences in their sound. ADI's popularity among music professionals (e.g. Gearslutz) also helped in the selection.

    Regarding Chord, I have never heard any of them, but oh boy are those ugly devices. No offense... :)
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  15. Mifi
    This all sounds very promising. All I worry about is that with all these options I won´t be able to see the forest for trees.

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