RME ADI-2 Pro - DAC, Headamp, an a lot of more stunning features

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by hubert481, Feb 18, 2017.
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  1. robm321
  2. onsionsi
    Did you like one of these DAC?

    Or there is no difference you observed yet.
  3. stakatch
    Difference is very subtle for me. Eventually decided to keep more flexible RME-adi-2 pro and sell benchmark
  4. Soundwave76
    ^ wise choice. So much more versatile!
  5. gepardcv
    I skimmed the online manual, and noticed that the LCD brightness is adjustable, a welcome feature for use in a dark room. Does the brightness control also dim the LEDs around the encoders and the power button?
  6. Hubert481
    Forget dimmin in darkness - its a nonsense feature
    The power-button and the volume-button have so much light - you cannot dimm
    rme does not like to dimm it
    You have to but dark tape on it for dimming

    Yes, dimming is a nonsense festure
    Also no remote control - it is annoying
    But the rest is fine
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  7. Hubert481
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  8. bidn
    I received mine today.

    The combination DAC + integrated amp is great,
    I can clearly hear more detail and the sound is even cleaner than when I connect it (through 2 x AES XLR Oehlbach NF14 Master X)
    to the great external hp amp iFI iCAN Pro,
    it seems that the RME has enough juice for the Utopia
    (but I have to see if it enough compared to the iCAN Pro for the power hungry LCD-X and HD800).
    On the other it sounds cold compared to the iFI.

    Typically German, this complicated manual, I am slowly learning how to use the menu...
    I love the little form factor,
    but the lights are awfully too bright for people like me who like to have their computer-hifi study in the dark,
    It can be nicely stacked, I just simply put it below the iFI iCAN Pro, but that not enough to hide the light of that display and buttons....

    Anyway I am really happy I bought it.
  9. simomat
    You can dim the lights of display. It's in settings.
  10. Hubert481
    power-button and the volume-button Do NOT hav dimming
    You are talking about rhe display - but this is only one part.
  11. bidn
    Thank you, somomat
    I found it indeed somewhere in the thick manual,
    and learned how to use the 2 buttons to navigate (I hope I won't forget),
    so I managed to invert the screen, and dim it at its lowest brightness, which is still too bright for me,
    but as Hubert481 wrote, the power button and the volume button can't be dimmed, and they are the most annoying now
    I guess this is due to a design intent to make them look flashy, but does not make so much sense in an age where screen have their own lighting,
    and mouses and keyboards are lit (I use Corsair keyboards), i.e. many customers want to look at their computer or mobile screen in the dark (and with the lowest possible brightness).
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2017
  12. simomat
    yeah you're right! You cannot dim the buttons. Everybody has his own preferances. I like the opposite. In the dark, listening to music, I love looking at the display with the analyzer and all various lights as long as they are not eye piercing bright.
  13. Sinarca
    Hi, my unit will arrive next week.
    My headphone have a balaced stock cable ending with two mini jack 3.5
    Now, if I want to connect in balanced mode I need two adapters.
    From 3.5 to 6.3
    Question is : adapters mono or stereo type ?
    Please be clement with a newbie and not pro...
  14. Sinarca
  15. quasimofo
    I have recently joined HF after a long time lurking. After spending an embarrassing amount on gear I have settled on the ADI-2 as my DAC. It provides a rock solid source with a neutral tone that can be built upon with transducers +/- amplifiers to achieve whatever colouration you are looking for. Personally, I am using it with PMx2 in balanced mode for a reference sound that embarrasses a number of setups I have owned at double/triple the price. It also serves as a great IEM amp with perfect channel balance and graduated volume control. Then you have the PRE, DSP and ADC capabilities.

    The ADI-2 Pro is a sleeper but it’s a great shortcut to ‘endgame’ for someone who doesn’t want to expend the time, money and mental anguish in ‘rolling’ gear :sunglasses:
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