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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. butch111
    He forgot something important.....all your audio files have to be re-heard :wink:
  2. oxide7
    Do you guys think this part is a problem: [Apple Music streamed at 768kb] ... i mean would tidal open up another world? I like the convenience of Apple Music -- has everything plus videos, plus I can easily share with my family. I heard the actual files are 256k AAC, which is as good or better than 320kb mp3s.... This is endless :)... its like when you drive an M3 you start thinking about porshces. sorry if this should go on another board.
  3. jerick70
    My wife thought going to Tidal was a huge leap forward in sound and she's not an audiophile. She was listening on a single Sonos 1 too. If that's any indication. She rolled her eyes at me when I first signed up for Tidal and wouldn't listen to it. Then one day out of the blue (about a 1.5 years later) she decided to listen to a song on tidal and made this comment.
  4. Overclocked11
    So upon setup, clear my schedule? Check check and double check.
  5. Mr B1
    There's a free trial for Tidal, so you can answer this by listening.. and check if their family option would be worth it to you.

    Personally, I find all sparkle, realness, detail, emotion drops off with anything compressed at 256/320...and your RME and LCD-X can do a lot with lossless and MQA tracks.
    Last edited: Mar 27, 2019
  6. PointyFox
    "Well, I don't know 'bout dat".
  7. tekkster

    Excellent writeup. Rock on. The clean sound and detail retrieval continues to surprise me when switching from one of my other DACs or DAPs to the RME ADI-2. I like your use of the word "refined". Totally get what you're saying there.

    I don't consider myself an audiophile either. More just an enthusiast.
  8. Spareribs
    I’m an enthusiastic audiophile
    Giacomino and oxide7 like this.
  9. Giacomino
    Ciao, sto amplificando Focal Utopia e HD800S con Rme ADI2, un'emozione della musica !!
  10. technobear
    Firstly, this is an English language forum. Please post in English.

    Second, Microsoft Translator gives the strangest translation of 'amplificando':

  11. CaptainFantastic
    @technobear To be fair, he just communicated an emotion, and doing so in his (beautiful) native language was probably better for most of us. What I mean is that it transmitted the sentiment on a more authentic level. Also, he communicated this using words which I expect almost any English speaker understands.

    "amplificando" is the gerund, perhaps that is why your translator has an issue with it. Google Translate does a much better job, just checked.
    cardeli22 likes this.
  12. tekkster
    I just had a flashback to the Orkut social network as the groups I was in were slowly taken over by a foreign language.

    At least this foreign language writer is on topic. I would agree with Giacomo, the ADI-2 is a good pairing with the Utopia and HD800S to my ears as well. Maybe not the absolute best pairing for the Utopia, but very good.
  13. montanari
    Hi. I m driving (amping) utopia and 800s with rme adi2.
    It s just a music emotion!

    Here we are all italian!
    Siamo tutti italiani!
  14. i20bot
    Does this thing let you choose between the outputs? If you have something plugged into the XLR and RCA, can you choose which to output to or does it output to both at the same time?
  15. lithrai
    You can choose output even with remote.
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