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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Gradius
    To me it would be probably this DAC and HD800S headphones.
  2. Quinto
    For me it is this DAC and HD800S headphones.
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  3. MikeW
    I find it amusing that 2 or 3 people here have tested the ADI-2 Amp vs the THX789 and found them rather equal. Yet those who have tried the Gilmore Lite MK2 have expressed it to be the better amp, which is possible, KG know's his ****. But dumb people are paying like 600-800$ for the 789 on Ebay lol.. Gilmore Lite MK2 available all day for 500, and less used.

    That said, I found the ADI-2 to be different to but not inferior to the Jotunheim. Monoprice Liquid Platinum edges it out on Dynamic's for sure, probably soundstage too. It's a pretty expensive piece of kit though, and not better in every regard.
    Last edited: Mar 22, 2019
  4. BoogieWoogie
    Its small (out of case heavy transformer) and not much marketing so people think it shouldn't perform. Its one of the hidden gems of the hobby.
  5. Gradius
    Last edited: Mar 23, 2019
  6. Wesbound
    I got this set up plus Lake People g100
  7. Quinto
    So is there a noticable difference between the two amps? I used to own the V200, but sold it

    I was planning to buy a balanced amp and use the ADI2 as dac/pre only, but I like this amp a lot with HD800S (and Alara)
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  8. Anaz
    My Clear (which has an impedance spike at 50Hz) has better low end and is slightly warmer from a V200 and V281 compared to the amp section of the ADI-2 DAC so in my opinion the V200 and V281 can better handle voltage and current swings. The 800S has an impedance peak at 100Hz, climbing up from 1kHz, so I think it would also benefit from a better amp.
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  9. Overclocked11
    I bit the bullet. My local music and AV retailer has the ADI-2 Dac available on special order, so went and plonked a down payment and placed my order.

    Should arrive in store next week, can't wait!
    If anyone is interested in the Teac UD-501, I may be putting mine up for sale before long :)
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  10. CaptainFantastic
    Sorry to reply to an older message, but I found the official RME response to this: https://www.forum.rme-audio.de/viewtopic.php?id=28081
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  11. CaptainFantastic
    May I ask how come you are selling yours?
  12. Gradius
  13. oxide7
    I bit the bullet and got this 2 days ago... this is absolutely blowing my mind. I am upgrading from a schiit modi stack, so its quite the jump, but I didn't know it could sound this much better. I am afraid I dont have the diction or experience to express it... its like a curse!

    First the easy stuff -- I am using this at my desk in the office and it absolutely looks the part. It looks purposeful and quite button up; serious but not pretentious. I love that I can have a top-end DAC and amp in one unit ... its my office after all, and I dont work in a studio. For most it doesn't attract attention, but when really admire it, it is very clean. The buttons, tactile quality, everything is first-rate.

    Second -- there are so many features. I dont even know what half of the stuff does. And to me that is exciting. I love that I can tune it and play with it and learn how best to use it over time. The manual seems to be like 300 pages and I cant wait to read through it. But after just a few pages, I can see they are taking a lot of pride in what they've built. It's not dry corporate stuff you would except from say, an American company, but it like its written by a product manager or some who is technically astute and proud of what they've built -- it will be a fun read. And I feel it should have some depth considering it's price, so I am happy it will be a gift that can keep on giving in that aspect, and I learn though it and grow with it, so-to-speak. Meaning: it's got character

    The screen is just killer. I dont understand why all units dont have this. Am I the only one into a spectrum analyzer? Also I love the EQ and now I dont need to use my software one which always gave me reservations.

    Finally the sound -- this is where I feel very challenges to describe this. It feels just more clear and more explicit. All the sounds. There were some songs where I felt I was getting clipping of the bass before and the highs were shrill. I read somewhere that's sort of a symptom of semiconductors and to go tube, so I was considering that for a long time. But this doesn't have any of those problems. These make my ue11's come alive in a very refined way that I just haven't heard before. I had to keep turning up my schiit to hear details but somehow this is detailed at all volumes. And doesnt let up when I turn it up. The bass is so clean and refined - with the eq i turned it up just just a tad and omg... and I am talking IEMs. I tried some hiphop just to see (like drake's 9 for instance) and I found myself touching the table expecting vibrations.... just crazy and tight and explicit and clear. I havent even tried the planars yet (still shipping)

    So all in all I am very happy. I was apprehensive. I am more of an enthusiast than a ... snob. I dont mean that in an offensive way, but I just haven't yet invested the time in learning and understanding the nuance and lingo, but I do know when I'm listening to crap. So i was wondering would this be better than my schiit and would it be worth it... but just with the IEMs a new world opened up. Can't wait to try with the LCD's

    (FYI I'm using apple music and sending a 768kb signal to it via USB)
  14. Overclocked11
    ^ thanks for sharing! I love reading people's experiences and can't wait to share my own when mine arrives.
  15. Spareribs
    Awesome report! Nice to have a high end DAC. I plan on getting 2 of them. One for mixing music tracks in my home studio and one for casual listening in my audiophile stereo system
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