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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. captblaze
    if read it correctly RME uses their own USB technology and the XMOS reference was regarding what is used by the majority of other DACs

    "RME uses its own USB circuit/technology. XMOS is the most often used one so it might be that current Linux implementation use it that way."
  2. MikeW
    This is pretty neat, I have not looked into their software. What all does it do?
  3. captblaze
    real time spectrum analysis with many different type to choose from

  4. MikeW
    Still dealing with the screen defect on my unit... I will say one thing, RME Dealers don't mess around, it's really impressive the level of support, responsiveness and service these guys are putting out. The dealer I purchased my unit from is currently out of stock and put me in touch with a Synthax rep in Florida and so far they have been extremely responsive. Perhaps it's the pro background, but the experience thus far has been a bit above and beyond what i'd expect from most consumer outfits. Perhaps it's the dealer network, more attuned to the needs of their customer then the guy at bestbuy. Needless to say, if anyone has any warranty issues down the road, I don't suspect you'll have any issues with this outfit.
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
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  5. captblaze
    took my first listen with IEMs today. UE 18+ Pro

    no noise
    acceptable stage for IEMs
    as good (if not slightly better) than my go to DAP (WM-1A which works well with these IEMs). I do have an LPG Diana, but has different sound sig
    no high power option which is a plus for keeping your eardrums intact although -15 is necessary for full sound <--- -20db seems to be a good point and -15 was a track with low dynamic range
    loudness and tone controls (384 kHz and below) working

    still learning strengths and weaknesses of this DAC, but I haven't given a new piece of gear this long (and pleasurable) a listen in ages
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
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  6. captblaze
    just dusted off my HD700 and have been pleased with what I have been hearing. never been happy or managed a long listening session with these and my Brooklyn+. too much treble glare (probably).

    Steve Gadd, Natalie Merchant, Marianne Thorsen all good... heading towards Rush and Billy Cobham next

    I will say that the COAX input is stellar and aside from the SR limitation (which is irrelevant if the track is mixed and mastered well) I am starting to prefer it to USB. although no DSD over COAX which I am ok with and will eventually rip all my SACD .ISO to 24 bit FLAC (no compression). for now I will just enjoy my music collection and some time down the road figure out what to do with the Brooklyn+

    last thought for tonight... when I ordered this DAC I was considering the Pro version for the extra inputs (ad/da) and balanced HP output, but realistically speaking I don't miss the either
  7. MikeW
    Daaamn that noble K10 massdrop is calling my name.... 900 bucks though, but original msrp 1600$... wonder how they compare to Campfire Solaris/Andromeda.
    Last edited: Feb 5, 2019
  8. pororom
    Any of the owners who are experts in the step-by-step configuration of the built-in equalizer can write a guide for children ... explaining step by step how to configure it and each of its functionalities?
    The manual in this section is for experts ...
    Does anyone dare?
  9. CaptainFantastic
    There is a helpful Youtube video recently released by RME:

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  10. MikeW
    There’s like 4 or 5 of those official rme videos. One covers the PEQ specifically
  11. bwcgrx
    Keep in mind that the ADI-2 will accept DSD over COAX. There are the previously mentioned issues of DSD to PCM conversion internally depending on how you configure the ADI-2 to handle DSD.
  12. captblaze
    whether direct DSD or not I get no signal over COAX to the DAC. the only mode I can get sound out of the DAC or DSD signal is over USB... if you can share the config you use I will gladly try it
  13. bwcgrx
    In my situation I'm running Foobar 2000 on a Window 10 PC. Coax input into the RME is coming from a Gustard U16 USB interface. I'm not sure how applicable this would be in your situation.

    I select the DSD ASIO device for the Gustard interface in Foobar.

    Below you can see DSD in the State column for the COAX input. This is obviously DSD over PCM, thus the 176.4 SR, which is DSD all the same. It just arrives to the DAC encapsulated in a PCM wrapper.

    One thing to keep in mind is that not all COAX outputs are capable of sending DoP.
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  14. captblaze
    looks like I need to try Foobar

    thanks for the mini tutorial

    UPDATE - Foobar is the solution. curious that neither HQ Player or Audirvana + are capable
    UPDATE to the update - HQ Player need to do the DSD conversion and then pass the PCM signal to the DAC or no audio
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
  15. pororom
    I have seen the video but I am totally ignorant of the equalizers.
    You can explain each of the bands (5) to determine which area of the audible spectrum is (bass, mid and treble) their colors are (from left to right) 1 (Red) 2 (Yellow) 3 (Green) 4 (Cyan) 5 (Blue)
    I would also be interested to know the function of the 3 parameters that can be modified in each of these 5 zones: 1: G (gain) / F: (frequency) / Q: (quality)
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