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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. pororom
    He just come home.
    I have installed and updated firmware (Mac)
    Running Audirvana in Izotope and upsampling to 192 tracks purchased on iTunes (Keith Jarrett ...)
    I am listening now with the Denon AH7200 from the Iem output without touching anything, with factory settings and zero noises!
    The Denon for that exit sounds really very well!
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  2. Tsukuyomi
    perfect, just wanna make sure hehe :)
    and yeah i have an optical cable for my pc so i was wondering if i should unplug usb and use that instead. hmm
  3. captblaze
    USB is necessary for firmware upgrades, but not necessarily for music playback. optical is for music playback only
  4. Tsukuyomi
    yeah, i mean i can always re-plug the usb back in for firmware updates. but will the programs that the rme asked to install still work? like the media thing
  5. captblaze
    I cant answer that. all my stuff still works other than having to point the software to the correct device.
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  6. captblaze
    I found a reason to leave the USB connected even if you are using Coax or Optical for listening to music.

    DIGICheck <------- RME Analyzer Software (only works via USB although you have to run the other inputs and the signal is analyzed over USB )

    No need to have DAC display on all the time

  7. MikeW
    I think u can remap remote buttons so it could be useful for quick access to something that requires digging in menu. I’ve not tried yet.

    You can also adjust screen brightness if you like leaving it on.

    I do wish the balanced out and unbalanced line outs were separate. If you use balanced out speakers and unbalanced line out to a head amp, settings like EQ and crossfeed, etc have to be manually changed.. maybe can save the entire setup and switch that way.
  8. Tsukuyomi
    Hey guys, im noticing that when using my DT1990 Pros on the 6.35mm female that i require my volume to go all the way up to almost... -20db...
    would it be better for me to turn on "high power" mode?
    do you guys notice a degradation in sound quality when doing so?
    rule of thumb to me is always keep low gain to reduce noise.. but do you guys notice noise on high gain?
  9. captblaze
    hi power doesn't kick in until -15.5 db. with auto ref engaged

    no noise with Q701, but definitely uncomfortable listening for extended time
    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
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  10. captblaze
    I run balanced out to a class D amp and will be using the se output to a subwoofer (eventually), so I wont need that feature. I do agree it would be nice if you could separate the two outputs, but I think that would require a redesign of the hardware to accommodate it
  11. Tsukuyomi
    Is auto ref on by default? Or do i need to turn it on?
  12. captblaze
    I/O button look for the headphone option (twist #1 toggle)

    it should be listed like in the photo

    Last edited: Feb 4, 2019
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  13. domho7
    Hi RME owners. I am very interested to try out this dac. But my A&K SR15 player using micro USB to USB B can't connect to non xmos base player. Would like to know if rme is xmos base.
    I have emailed RME support site few days ago but no replies from them yet. Tks.
  14. captblaze
    check post 14 at this link -----> https://www.forum.rme-audio.de/viewtopic.php?id=28243
  15. domho7
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