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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Anaz
    If you're on a Mac:
    1. download the firmware from the link in the RME forum post
    2. ...when the file ZIP file unpacks, double click the RME USB Series Flash Tool app
    3. Your ADI-2 will be in the Interfaces dropdown list (it goes without saying that your ADI-2 should be connected via USB). Click the Update button
    4. Restart your ADI-2
    I'm assuming the procedure should be similar in Windows.
  2. normanl
    I'm using Win10. However, your instruction also works for Win10. Thanks!
  3. lowvolume
    That's a bug that I reported to RME. The IEM out should be muted, like the Phones out. There is a reason that option is called 'Line'.
  4. normanl
    I just found another problem/bug when I listened to native DSD music (SACD) this time with hp (Beyerdyn DT880-600ohm) there was no sound at all, but no problem with PCM music files.On the other hand, DSD file generates extremely loud sound with iem. I just updated to the newest firmware today. Has anyone encountered the same problem? Can someone play native DSD files and see if it works?
  5. ZenErik
    You're not supposed to play DSD from the headphone outs on the ADI-2 DAC. I'd suggest reading the manual. If you're playing DSD you must use the line outs to a dedicated amp.
  6. kvn864
    There is nothing to know. If you have USB drivers installed, just download the zip file and run .exe file in it. Here is the firmware file (http://www.rme-audio.de/download/fut_madiface_win.zip)
  7. normanl
    My micro iDSD BL plays native DSD from the headphone output, so I thought ADI-2 DAC may work the same way. Anyway, thanks for referring me to the manual, and it works through my Little Dot MK IV Amp. Strangely, IEM output is not deactivated when I play native DSD. Do you encounter the same issue?
  8. lowvolume
    Post #423.
  9. NickedWicked
    Oh man, they finally added quite some headroom for inter-sample peaks, this is great!
  10. Flater
    I like the Clears with the ADI-2. I must say that I haven’t compared this device to many other dacs/amps. Before I had Mojo, and I think the ADI-2 is a definitive upgrade to my ears (more transparent, better soundstage, less dark/warm). The Clears/ADI-2 combo does need well recorded (acoustic) music to really shine. With mediocre/poorly mastered stuff it can be a bit underwhelming – although the EQ helps to make it better. The synergy with the Andro’s is really nice imo. Even poor recordings sound quite good. The same holds for my Nighthawk. Although my iems are for portable use, I quite often put them in the ADI-2 for listening to 80s pop music. So, all in all I am quite happy with the ADI-2 right now.
  11. ZenErik
    I think the lack of volume control might be because RME uses digital volume control. The manual mentions the inability to use digital processing on native DSD. The micro iDSD BL uses analog volume control. I’m not super knowledgeable on DACs, but that is my understanding.

    I’m on a trip at the moment so I can’t check on the IEM out issue. @lowvolume mentioned that it’s a bug. Makes sense to me. Kind of a dangerous bug for listeners. The headphone outs should be disabled in DSD Direct (line) mode.
  12. kino lau
    Interestingly, one of my default test recordings is Alice in Chains, Unplugged, which is all acoustic. It may not be what others would refer to as "reference" but I've listened to it through 2 different DAP's, 2 different IEM's, an IEM amp, 5 different IEM/HP Cables and two DAC/AMP's. So I know what I'm listening for. So my A/B for the BL and 2 DAC is valid for at least my ears. I still haven't gotten on the phone with Sweetwater's tech support.
    Last edited: Aug 25, 2018
  13. Flater
    That's a great album, sounds excellent. I quite like these unplugged MTV albums, feels like one is at a live concert. I listened to the one from Nirvana a couple of times during my holiday, very involving. Did you get any feedback from your dealer?
  14. kino lau
    Today is the first day back at grad school, and the required reading alone will eat up the majority of my time. So I haven't spoken with tech support still. I may have the opportunity tonight before my life turns completely upside down. I keep thinking about your impressions of the Clears needing good quality recordings. I only have the one set of full-sized headphones, so I only care how they sound with the 2 DAC.
  15. smodtactical
    How does this Dac compare to Yggdrasil 2 ?
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