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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Collusion[FIN]
    Very, very different presentation. I currently own the Yggdrasil Analog 2 and a SPL Phonitor 2 amplifier. I've previously owned the RME ADI-2 DAC. I ran it into Genelec 8030b monitors and HifiMan Sundara headphones. Balanced cables were used whenever possible.

    RME has this super technical presentation, with almost no meat on the bones. Overall accuracy is very good, if we are talking about listeners ability to pick up details from the presentation. Tonal balance is largely neutral, without any big omissions or additions at any frequency. Sometimes lower midrange and upper bass might sound slightly muddy though. I feel tonal accuracy and timbre is somewhat off. Some instruments, say, like piano and violin may sound somewhat grainy or just bit unnatural. Usually not alarmingly so, but when comparing againts R2R/multibit dacs this tends to pop out. Depending on the recording, treble may sound a bit hot, but this also depends on your setup and digital filter preferance (mine was SD Slow).

    Yggdrasil on the other hand:
    - Sounds very natural, good tonal balance and tonal accuracy. Instruments sound natural. Individual tones separate better from each other.
    - Yggdrasil has much more depth in its soundstage. Definitely more holographic. RME can sound a bit congested at times, if compared againts Yggy.
    - Is definitely more dynamic. Volume variations are more convincing in both small and large scales.
    - Has somewhat sweeter tone. RME is not clinical in comparison, but not enthusiastic either.
    - Gives impression of better detail retrival. I am not sure if Yggy actually has more detail, but combined with better dynamics it gives this impression.

    In my books, Yggdrasil wins easily in every category as a pure dac.
    Last edited: Aug 29, 2018
  2. smodtactical
    Thanks! Can any delta sigma dac in the world compare to the yggy 2?
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  3. Collusion[FIN]
    Your question would be more sensible if it would be rephrased like this: "Can any delta sigma dac in Yggy's price range compare to it?"

    Well, I haven't hear all the D/S dacs in the world, so I cannot give you any definitive answers. Having owned a Chord Hugo 2, I can say it ( and the Qutest based on same tech ) has great technical performance and sound quality. Better than ADI-2 DAC, but somewhat behind Yggdrasil Analog 2. Chord Dave is rumoured to be a big improvement over the lesser Chord units, but it also much more expensive than Yggdrasil.
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  4. smodtactical
    Well taken.

    Or I could rephrase by saying can any Delta Sigma DAC beat yggdrasil analog 2 at any price besides chord Dave.

    A couple guys on Amazon remarked how lks mk 004 beat yggy 1 !:xf_eek:
  5. Konev
    Hello everyone!
    I'm sorry, but I have to ask everybody again:

    I'm using DAC MHDT Havana (PCM56P-K) with original Lehmann Audio Black Cube Linear. My headphone is Audio-Technica ATH-W5000. I have very big collection of lossless files 16/44,1.
    Due a limitation of my Havana to 16 bit my collection of HD files is smaller than I would like to have. So I think to change my DAC Havana to RME ADI-2 DAC...

    1/ Does anyone had experience to compare Havana vs ADI-2 DAC on CD sound?

    2/ Will ADI-2 DAC work well with Audio-Technica ATH-W5000? Or Lehmann Audio Linear is more powerful and better for my headphone?

    Thank you in advance!
  6. NickedWicked
    Anyone know if ASIO is working correctly in Foobar2K with the ADI-2 when not having a ASIO plugin installed? Without the ASIO plugin Foobar just says the ADI-2 is a DirectSound output, with the ASIO plugin I can select the ASIO version of the Madiface aka ADI-2. But I think it's unnecessary as the ADI-2 Windows driver already applies system-wide ASIO support but I might be wrong.
  7. technobear
    Think you answered your own question there.
  8. NickedWicked
    It looked that way, however I asked it on the RME forums as well and someone pointed out I was wrong and ASIO has to be set in every individual program to utilize ASIO properly. Problem solved! :)
  9. kino lau
    Called tech support this afternoon pretty much knowing what the result was going to be. Listening is subjective. This is going back...
  10. jonathane40
    So are you back with the iFi Micro BL or have you found another dac/amp you like better?
  11. kino lau
    I'm sticking with the Black Label for now. I was hoping to one day get into a Pro iCan, but most of the reviews that I've read state the RME possibly being on par with it. It's just the DAC/AMP combo with the Clears. If I had multiple full sized HP's the 2 DAC would be perfect I'm sure. With my classes back in session, I just don't have the time to be playing around with different gear. The BL/Clear combo sounds incredible and will most likely be my set-up until I'm done with grad school...unless something breaks or I hit the Lotto.

  12. yogibeezwax
    Just got the adi-2 dac and I'm floored how "quiet" this DAC is! Now, I'm in no way on par with most of you..not as articulate when it comes to describing sound but I have it hooked up to my Oppo Ha-1 and the sound is (As I perceive it) incredibly clean, nothing but the source. I haven't even begun to explore the equalizer, bass &treble, but as a DAC in lineout to my ha1; more than happy!! If anyone has any good equalizer settings for he-400i, I'd appreciate suggestions!
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  13. Anaz

    Try the "Slow" DA filter - the highs are rolled off a little and you might like it with the 400i. (Look a few pages back there's a link to an EQ setting to compensate for the Slow DA filter's treble roll off). And definitely play around with the "Loudness" setting.
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  14. yogibeezwax
    Thanx Anaz! Chrome doesn't seem to like adding quotes...but I appreciate the suggestions! Will try it out now! And for all of you that contributed to this thread...wouldn't have even considered this gem if I didn't follow this thread, granted I probably missed some of the conversation since purchasing, but as a layman; I really appreciate all y'all banter! :wink:
    Edit - enabled loudless and at lower levels I hear the difference; more punch!
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
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  15. yogibeezwax
    Thanks for the the heads up! I really appreciate it! I know I'm way beyond my limits here, but alI in all, have and an appreciation for the input as a newbie..made my two first xlr interconnects today to link my ha-1 and great success with that endeavour...just trying to get in "the game"! Thanks for this sub! A lot of us are not as knowledge, but I listen...and take in!
    Last edited: Sep 7, 2018
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