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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. rhern213
    I've heard the McIntosh but not in an A/B comparison so take it FWIW, but I don't really see any point in this honestly. The DAC in the McIntosh is excellent, and both are solid state so I highly doubt you'll hear any difference whatsoever.

    Unless you want it for all the extra adjustment capabilities, but even then you're spending $1,000 just for that?
  2. wemedge
    Thanks for the input. I do realize that it is diminishing returns. One of the reasons I’m considering an external dac is that the mcintosh keeps dropping the usb connection. It’s a known issue, probably firmware. Hoping that this will solve it. Nothing else works, including powered usb hubs etc.

    Also partly because I’m really curious about the RME. No excuse, really :)
  3. jerick70
    WOW! Something that expensive dropping connections. I would demand a refund or some sort of compensation. That's inexcusable for premium kit like McIntosh.
  4. rhern213
    Alright I see, but yeah, what Jerick70 said.
  5. jerick70
    @wemedge you shouldn't have to work around an issue like this. It's a $4500 amp/dac. Get a refund. Then pick up a Violectric V281 w/ the stepped attenuator and an ADI-2. You'll have a fully balanced stack and money to spare. You won't be disappointed.
  6. wemedge
    Indeed. Have contacted McIntosh.

    Apologies for derailing the thread- back to the RME Adi-w dac!
  7. NickedWicked
    What's the benefit of the stepped attenuator on the V281? I've been contemplating on returning my ADI-2 Pro, and instead go for the ADI-2 DAC with the V281 but I'm not quite sure if it's worth it.
  8. jerick70
    I have both the stepped attenuator and the standard. The sound is more refined, focused, balanced, and revealing. There is a microscopes view into the micro detail that wasn't there previously. I have a pair of Audeze LCD-3s that were unlistenable on the V281, at times, with the basic volume control. The sound was bloated and muddy at times. After installing the stepped attenuator the 3s SING!!!!! IMO the upgrade brought the V281 to another level. YMMV.
    NickedWicked likes this.
  9. technobear
    The performance of stepped attenuators begins where pots tail off. Less distortion. Less noise. Greater transparency. Better channel matching.
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  10. lowvolume
    True. But even something simple as switched resistors can have a lot of pitfalls. I have seen several versions of stepped resistors and most of them were below what one expects from this technology. Don't know about the V281, but the new Niimbus seems to have an unbalanced stepped resistor design and is supposed to be above the 281. If you go high end then do it right, balanced, as in the new Benchmark HPA4. Else it looks like cheating to me.
    Last edited: May 5, 2018
  11. strojo
    Anyone tested whether they noticed a difference between SPDIF and USB sources? I have a Bricasti M5 landing on Monday and can connect it either way.
  12. gepardcv
    I tried with an Eitr, don't hear a difference. Several measurements available elsewhere indicate that the ADI-2 USB input has excellent numbers, better than many (though likely not all) SPDIF implementations.
  13. Ckfung
    wonder if anyone try the Mutec mc3+ usb combining with the adi2dac?
  14. ZenErik
    Will have one of these in a few days. Pretty excited to try it out and compare it to my Metrum Onyx. I'm looking to downsize if things work out. I thought I was pretty set on NOS, honestly, but I'm getting the feeling I don't really need it considering half my listening each day is on my phone at work without any special DAC. The ADI-2 DAC seems to have features I might really enjoy.

    How does the pre-amp out volume control work? That's one thing I'm very interested in to get a little more play in my amps. The Pro iCan I am using now is supposedly best around 12 o clock according to iFi, but with the Onyx I can only go to a little above 9 at most. I'm curious about how the sound will be if I'm able to lower the volume on ADI-2 outputs enough to get the Pro iCan to around 12. The EQ is also something I am interested in Just to take a few dBs off treble peaks. Nothing major.
  15. strojo
    Anyone else having power plug issues? With the slightest amount of wiggle on the PS connector, the red/green light goes out because the unit has lost power.
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