RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Ckfung
    Just got my rem adi2dac.
    sound quality is first class.
    But, I have a problem that my Sinology NAS cannot recognize the DAC.
    I have no such problem with Teac ud503,Oppo HA1,Denon DA310usb.
  2. chungjun
    Anyone know where I can get this in Singapore?

    EDIT: From my search, looks like it is not readily available for distribution in Singapore. May have to order from overseas or international websites (e.g. Thomann.de etc)
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018 at 10:32 PM
  3. 12Jewelz
    Random question to anyone that could help. I've read the threads regarding the Harmon Response Curve for headphones that they have measured. I'm still lost as to how to adjust my headphones to best achieve a flat response (Audeze EL-8 Open btw). I guess my question is what eq settings are some of you using based on the type of headphones you have? (Gosh I hope this all makes sense lol)
  4. Dogmatrix
    Specifics depend on your ears so you will have to experiment
    I find it best to eq by deduction so if you have a headphone with weak midrange reduce the bass and treble or if you want to increase bass roll off everything else
    Best thing is with these rme masterpieces you can try whatever you like and easily return to normal
  5. Henley2
    Has anyone compared the Adi directly to the Lynx Hilo?
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