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RME ADI-2 DAC Thread

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  1. Ckfung
    Just got my rem adi2dac.
    sound quality is first class.
    But, I have a problem that my Sinology NAS cannot recognize the DAC.
    I have no such problem with Teac ud503,Oppo HA1,Denon DA310usb.
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  2. chungjun
    Anyone know where I can get this in Singapore?

    EDIT: From my search, looks like it is not readily available for distribution in Singapore. May have to order from overseas or international websites (e.g. Thomann.de etc)
    Last edited: Apr 17, 2018
  3. 12Jewelz
    Random question to anyone that could help. I've read the threads regarding the Harmon Response Curve for headphones that they have measured. I'm still lost as to how to adjust my headphones to best achieve a flat response (Audeze EL-8 Open btw). I guess my question is what eq settings are some of you using based on the type of headphones you have? (Gosh I hope this all makes sense lol)
  4. Dogmatrix
    Specifics depend on your ears so you will have to experiment
    I find it best to eq by deduction so if you have a headphone with weak midrange reduce the bass and treble or if you want to increase bass roll off everything else
    Best thing is with these rme masterpieces you can try whatever you like and easily return to normal
  5. Henley2
    Has anyone compared the Adi directly to the Lynx Hilo?
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  6. Ckfung
    Today I try to use an 12V LPS.
    the image and sound stage are really improved.
    Maybe a cleaner power supply can make the internal "femto second clock" running in a better way, even though the REM claimed the Adi2dac can clean up dirty power by its internal filter.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2018
  7. occamsrazor
    Which LPS?
  8. Ckfung
    20180421_162758.jpg 20180421_235555.jpg 12V Li ion BATTERY PACK.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2018
  9. AudioQuality777
    There is no particular difference in sound between AD2 PRO & ADI2 DAC.
    From this site www.just-hifi.com
    Originally Posted by k1n0n3
    I just picked up an ADI-2 PRO myself. Not sure what you mean by "maybe" sounds better than the Mojo. I have a Benchmark DAC2, which IMO blows the Mojo away fairly easily. With that said, the ADI-2 PRO will be replacing my Benchmark DAC2 and ADC1 USB combo. I am very impressed with RME's work on this unit, I feel like the ADI-2 PRO and the DAC2 are on the same level, can't decide on a clear winner, but I like the convenience of having AD/DA in one box (works as preamp as well with analog in if not doing AD). I have also compared the DAC2 with the Lynx Hilo a while back, for the same type of all in one solution, but to my ears, the Hilo's DA was nowhere close to the Benchmark
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
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  10. AudioQuality777
    The difference between ADI2 & ADI2 FS

    Last edited: Apr 23, 2018
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  11. rhern213
    Hey all, I'm wondering if anyone has done an A/B comparison with the Bimby and RME ADI-2 DAC?

    I'm currently doing the comparison myself with these two and would like to share notes if anyone else has done the same. I'm having the toughest time hearing any difference between the two whatsoever and am trying to decide on which one to keep.

    Maybe point out specific tracks and note what to listen for and hear a difference?

    I love all the added features of the ADI-2 but feel like that honeymoon stage of fiddling with settings will die after I finish setting it up how I want, and then think I didn't need to spend double the price for it if I can't perceive any difference.

  12. gepardcv
    If you can’t hear a difference with the ADI2 set to neutral settings, it should not be surprising. DAC differences are wildly overhyped. But once you turn on the ADI2’s equalizer or use the loudness feature, there will be audible FR changes. IOW, if you like non-neutral settings, you won’t be able to replicate them with the Bimby. I haven’t done a formal level-matched comparison between the ADI2 and my other DACs yet (it just arrived a few days ago), but I have been enjoying the ability to adjust the FR curve, and it makes quite a bit of audible difference.

    I recommend pulling up the FR curve for your headphones (try InnerFidelity) and adjusting the ADI2 equalizer so headphone+FR matches the Harman curve (as a starting point). Then do a level-matched comparison with the Bimby. Unless you have headphones which already closely match that curve, there should be a difference. I can try to list some tracks with examples if you need help, but most well-mastered material which strays outside pure mids should work.
  13. rhern213
    I haven't tried touching the EQ yet, I wanted to first see how everything compared completely neutral. I'm going to try exactly that by looking up the headphone curves and setting the EQ to match. My main thing was to see if I'm just not listening or paying attention to the right things in a track to identify any differences in these 2 DACs. Up to now with most other DAC's (cheaper) I've heard an immediate difference, but these 2 for my ears sound mostly indistinguishable

    Also one other question I had with the ADI-2 is if there's a widely accepted volume level when in Line Out that should be set. I read previously that it should be set at 0db, but that seems too high when I listen to it and the on-screen meters are always hitting the red/over. It seems for me to most closely match the Bimby volume level I have to set it at about -4db.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2018
  14. Captain_Future
    Hi all, i got my ADI-2 DAC last monday, and after i unboxed it, i noticed that it makes a ticking sound when i shake it gently. It sounds like a there is a loose cable that hits the casing or something else. IMO that shouldn't happen on a 1000 euro device. Does anyone of you have that sound too, when shaking the device? I still have a week to return it to Thomann.de. Maybe i upload a video of it after my first post has been approved.
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  15. lowvolume
    LOL! Put your finger on the 4 front buttons before shaking...
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