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RHA S500i Review Programme Applications Now Open!

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  1. nmatheis Contributor
  2. B9Scrambler
    Woot! Go team. Some awesome reviewers looking at these little beauties :)
  3. Dsnuts Contributor
    Love micro drivers. Had the RHA MA750s for a while. Moved onto to other earphones since but loved them when I had them.
    Very interested to hear the S500.  Will check them out at this years Can Jam in Denver if I don't get to review them. 
  4. suman134
     Its going to be hard but i too am is interested in this micro driver earphones. I was chosen for the asian T20 tour, currently working on my RHA T20 review.
     And about me, I have serious amount of experience with earphones in its price range, from many brands to compare with.
     It will be nice of you if i can be given a chance again.
  5. jaaron53
    I would very much enjoy to work with these. I had and enjoyed the t10is until i lost them. I currently have Fidue a73s as my iem fix. I have a pair of NAD Viso HP50s and Hifiman He400s powered by schiit modi and magni 2 Uber.
  6. Brooko Contributor
    I've reviewed both your T10i and T20.  Would be interested in looking at these as well
    Profile : http://www.head-fi.org/u/170914/brooko
    Reviews : http://www.head-fi.org/t/762394/brookos-reviews-past-future
  7. Delance26
    I would love the chance to review these.  I don't have any experience with RHA products, but I am familiar with several the lower budget IEM's, from brands such as: Shure, Thinksound, MeElectronics, etc... (ranging from 30-100 dollars).
    Best of luck with the launch of the new product! I am excited to see how this product performs!
  8. money4me247 Contributor
    Hi, I am interested in trying these. No previous experience with RHA products. Thanks for your consideration!
  9. moedawg140 Contributor
    The RHA S500i sounds very good (regardless of the price), and is a worthy IEM to add to anyone's collection.  The sound is impactful and smooth with the iPhone 6, and the sound is vibrant and coherent with the Questyle Audio QP1R.
    Good luck to everyone! 
    RHA Team likes this.
  10. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Did you guys see the graph for these on the RHA site? Relatively flat with enough lift in the low end and upper midrange to make it fun to listen to. Seriously guys, it looks rather impressive! Make sure to check it out!
  11. Fidelity King
    Hello my name is Oscar, and the reason for my interest in reviewing these earphones actually comes down to more than just one reason. The first reason would be that I'm a reviewer for the You tube channel HIfi heaven and I'm the one who does the written review portion of the work. Lance, the man who runs the channel makes a video using the script I give him when he makes the video reviews. Previously I've also been selected by Creative to review their Aurvana In-Ear 3 Plus and wrote my a great review regrading those earphones. I usually go into great depth covering everything from the design to the sound and I also take a different approach when it comes to the listening test. What I like to do is use genres of music that wouldn't normally be used for reviews here on Head-fi, and I feel this gives readers greater confidence when selecting what pair of headphones they want to buy. Being 16, my style of writing also attracts a younger, more enthusiastic audience. In the past I've not had any experience with RHA products, but with this pair of earphones, my introduction into the world of RHA may come to a fantastic start. Being that these are the baseline model, listening to these will give not only I, but all readers, a good idea as to how the basic recipe of the RHA sound is. My writing skills are strong and being able to do this review will help new head-fiers understand what high quality sound really is. 
  12. pat1984
    I am very much interested. This will be my first experience with an RHA product. Thanks for the opportunity...
  13. malvinviriya
    I would really love to try this! I'm a student who has to commute almost everyday to school and the only thing that keeps me at bay is my music collection. I am pretty sure I can provide a good review of a daily user. Especially since this product will be marketed at around $50, which would be the go to price for many people, especially those who are interested in good sound quality. Personally I have not yet bought any RHA products (mostly I go for an audition at a nearby store) and my only IEM right now is the IM50.
    I will be very honored to be able to provide a review of the S500i
  14. Khaniyan
    I have no previous RHA experience but I have plenty experience with both IEM and OE headphones and headsets. I listen to a a lot of different music and my headphones testing playlist shows that. On it are songs that I have listened to hundreds of times letting me really appreciate the different signatures of the various headphones I try. I would love to get a pair and do a review, from the previews I've read it looks like it will have a sound profile that is to my liking.
  15. Carlos Martinez
    Would love to try and review these, I have never personally done earphones reviews but I understand a lot about sound and would be capable of doing it. I could personally not decide for the RHA T20s or T10s , and trying these and reviewing these would let me have a feel of where RHA is at.
    I am a EDM/Trap producer and would love to check these out, would do both a written and video full review.
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