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Review: NwAvGuy's O2 DIY Amplifier

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by shike, Aug 25, 2011.
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  1. palmfish
    In keeping with the "sound science" theme...
  2. thehadi


    Thanks for reply. I hope i can see more answers about HD800s with O2
  3. calist3r
    I plan to add an O2 in my audio chain for my LCD-2 and feed it with the Xonar, will I hear any difference?
    From what I have read, the Xonar STX can provide sufficient power to most of the headphones out there but it's not completely flat as it still has a tint of warmness. Some reviews even describe the sound as tube-like.
    I don't know if it's true or not but I do hear that "warmness".
    I expect the O2 to have less "warmness" than the Xonar STX because the added warmness makes my LCD-2 Rev.2 sounds a bit darker than I would like.
    Will the neutral amp like an O2 brighten my LCD-2 Rev.2, compared to the Xonar?
    I don't want to turn my LCD-2 into Grado or anything but I want to make sure that It sounds like it supposed to, without extra colouration from an amp.
    Also, more impressions from users who are using LCD2-Rev.2 with the O2 would be much appreciated.
  4. jmwreck
    I've got nothing to say, but I'll post a pictures instead :D
    compared to 
    = [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]
  5. Llloyd


    lol what a beefy portable setup. looks great :)
  6. upstateguy


    Based on the premise that you can always fool enough of the people, enough of the time, to make doing this profitable.....
  7. palmfish


  8. Negakinu

    Adding an O2 to that chain will just amp the Xonar's signature. If you don't like the "warmness" (whatever that may be) just use an equalizer to adjust the sound to your liking. 
  9. stv014

    Not necessarily, maybe the "signature" comes from the amplifier (TPA6120) or its high output impedance. Although the opinions on how the STX sounds seem to be conflicting, other people say that it is overly bright, or even has "ear shredding" treble. I wonder how much of it is real. In any case, the DAC does have some treble roll-off, but it is not very significant:
  10. mikeaj
    If it's real, maybe the conflicting reports come from the behavior being different in different peoples' systems, what with different configurations and positioning of other add-in cards (particularly video cards) and the CPU power circuitry, and so on?
  11. estreeter
    My EHP-O2 seems to be giving me a good window to my sources, but both have dedicated line-outs. I prefer my other portables with some of my music, but thats more a reflection on my sources and the recordings themselves than a criticism of the Objective2. I think its good that many who banged on endlessly about the importance of accuracy and neutrality finally got what was coming to them !  [​IMG]
  12. jmwreck
  13. shorke
    Would getting a more powerful AC adapter than the WAU200 or whatever the one JDSLabs comes with actually give my O2 more power or would it just charge the batteries faster? Would it make an audible difference is the main question I guess. Also, is there anyway that I could bypass double amping with my soundcard if the only line outs are digital coaxial and optical?
  14. palmfish


    No and no. No. No.
  15. shorke
    Alright, thanks. That ODAC is looking better all the time then, I hope it turns out to be good.

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