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Regarding the Akg k701 shy? sound

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by hyururi, Feb 17, 2011.
  1. hyururi
    I have the akg k701 which my friend just realize the "SHY" sound when he decided to compare it with hd650. We compared and to completely make this comparison right we gave it to another two friend who doesn't have this headphones. And  the result that it is true that the K701 have this "shy" sound ( i don't really know what is it called but to listen to it i must turn up the volume) and the HD650 won at every part except it's vocal and we also realize that the sound stage isn't as what we expected to be. We tried Classical songs, Rock, pop and jazz at WAV format. The question now lies on how should i make k701 brighter. should i change the cable? by the way we tried it using ONLY Hifiman Hm801
    Sorry For My english i am still working on it - Regards
  2. Acix
    Not shy, just honest.
  3. Happy Camper
    The Senns were brighter to you than the K701???
  4. hyururi
    Far More... 4 pepole agreed with me
  5. hyururi
    Or is it because of Unamped? but the senns were unamped too.??? i am confused
  6. jeffreyfranz


    I don't think that is what he means. I think he means why do we have to turn the K701s up more to make them "come alive" and have bass, etc. [​IMG]
  7. hyururi
    nope i don't mind the bass. yes i think "come alive" maybe suitable
  8. DjAmTraX
    I think the AKG sound is flat line......................  I kinda like it at times.
  9. Dibster
    I think the K701's have an in-your-face lower treble which makes it sound harsh and thin, yet it has very little upper treble presence which makes it lacking on airiness and sparkle. I had to bump up the 16khz notch by 4db on my K701's to make the upper treble come out like it does on the HD650's. All that said, I do think the treble is better defined on the AKG.
  10. keanex Contributor
    You're not using an amp with either is a huge problem, especially for the K701.
  11. hyururi
    So is there anything that i could spend or do to make the sound more "alive"? Cause it annoys me. My friend who own the Hd650 said that i should change the cable but Which cable?
  12. navii
    its because they have different impedance. the hd650s sound louder, the 701s quieter at the same volume.
    i dont know if a cable will make a difference.
  13. keanex Contributor


    Yeah, get an amp to properly drive the expensive headphones you bought. You're putting regular gas in a Ferrari.
  14. Antony6555
    Ha the k701 is a beast. Seriously, unamped you're 90% of it's sound (and 90% of the 650s as well). Noobs on head-fi these days, sheesh. You guys have more money than sense (I mean that in a good way I think).
  15. Gelemiss



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