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Recommendations under $300 for a primarily laptop/ipod user

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by clearcuttension, Dec 15, 2011.
  1. ClearCutTension
    Sorry folks, this may be a bit of a long post as I am hoping to make the most well informed purchase I can make after my last pair of headphones crapped out and hoping for these to last.
    So I went from the Klipsch S4 -> Beats Studio (grad. gift)
    And after two years, the left side of the Beats speaker pretty much went out which I did like for its bass and was my first encounter with good(keep in mind, I was all about earbuds prior to using these) on ear headphones. My roommate has the M50 which I considered buying because it played rock music much better than the Beats but I'd say 70% of the music I listen to is jazzy/progressive hip hop and am a big loseless user, but I do want a versatile pair because I listen to a lot of other genres like indie, rock, electronic, etc. and the m50's felt underwhelming in the hip hop genre.
    I want full size phones but I'm on the go a lot for classes and I don't want my cable to be ridiculously long like the m50 so I'm considering a portable pair also. I also plan on getting a portable amp (fiio e6)
    I thought I was set on the DT 990 premiums because reviews seemed to fit well with my preferences but some suggested they weren't good for portability and the 32 ohms were the weakest of the DT model
    I saw some suggestions for the 25HDII and V-Moda M-80s but those haven't quite sold me yet.
    I'd like a good deep bass but I'm also looking for crisper clarity and sound stage than my Beats.
    Weight and looks arent too important to me compared to sound quality.
    Sound leakage isn't that important to me unless its a huge problem.
    A small sample of music I like to listen to through a quality pair.

  2. Jojomite
    dt770? its closed and not too bad
  3. ClearCutTension
    Do you mind giving me some info about them to my preferences? Or in comparison to some?
  4. ClearCutTension
    Also what ohm is suggested if speaking about beyerdynamics

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