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Recommend me a flat sounding EARBUD Please. I <3 you

  1. buddies
    Hey, I am looking for a new pair of earbuds. EARBUDS NOT IEMS. I bought the emx500 and I like the sound signature of them which i have heard characterized as FLAT.

    So if you could recommend me earbuds that are FLAT sounding or however the EMX500's sound. My only critiques is that they could be deeper. My reference HEADPHONES are the open back sennheiser hd 598 sr's. I’d just like something richer in sound or deeper, ask questions if my characterization makes no sense.

    I am in USA and have credit cards that can only be used in USA so my way around that is either AMAZON or ebay. Cant use aliexpress because the money goes to china and my card gets canceled. THANKS! If you guys have another way for me to use my credit cards for aliexpress pls tell!

    • Emx500 sounding earbuds but deeper/richer.
    • Preferably on amazon or ebay.

  2. Paulnguy3
    Have you tried the final e3000 or other e series?
  3. buddies
    Hey, no i have not those are in ear. im looking for EARBUDS like straight up old style earbuds. not in ear's.
  4. tansand
    Because of their design, EAR BUDS don't have bass.
  5. buddies
    Well the Emx500 aren't lacking in bass per say. I'd just like something richer/deeper in sound as a hole. I highly prefer EARBUDS to iems. I also use these in a isntance where i take them out and back in quickly which is easier for me with the earbuds. Could you recommend me to someone to dm who is the earbud offical lol? or link me to the top reviewed earbuds on this sight? You are the first high poster to respond to me! PLS HELP I THANK YOU SIR TRANSAND!
  6. tansand
    Hell if I know. I don't use them myself, but they're attractive for the reasons you say. It would be nice to be able to hear outside sounds or the earbuds just by where you put your attention. The bass just rolls around to the back because they're not sealed to your ears though. There is a big ass thread about earbuds somewhere. Here.

  7. buddies
    Thanks a lot man, i sent that dude a PM. He has like 3 billion earbuds im sure he can rec me a few! THANKS FOR THE HELP TANSAND. Im not used to this kind of website im having a very hard time getting around on it lol. used to reddit and social media so this is confusing for me.

  8. buddies
    If you know any other earbud fanatics pls give me links so i can PM them too! THANKS
  9. rkw
    Post your question in the earbuds thread that was linked. It's where all the discussion about earbuds is on Head-Fi, and knowledgeable members hang out there.

    Unfortunately earbud selection on Amazon and eBay is limited. Most earbud makers are tiny independent businesses that sell on AliExpress or directly from SE Asia. Can you use PayPal?

    Here are payment options for AliExpress: https://alixblog.com/en/payment-methods-aliexpress/
    You might try Western Union.
    Last edited: Dec 30, 2018
  10. buddies
    Ohh, Ill comment my question in the comments? Okay I will do :D

    Hey I am a kid. I have a "AMEX SERVE" card which can only be used inside my country of united states of america. ALIEXPRESS/PAYPAL both wont accept it because its not a normal credit card. Also Paypal/ALIEXRESS dont have any ways for me to buy GIFT CARDS which i could do from american stores in person or online as they work fine with my card. Do you know if there is a website that helps people get around these issues like websites that people know how to somehow get my money into a form i can use on aliexpress? Idk man the internet should have some fix for this lol.
  11. buke9
    You might want to check out the Yuin PK2. Have not tried them myself as I don’t care for earbuds but a lot of people seem to like them and available on Amazon.

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