1. Toneking Black Mamba (Manba)

    Toneking Black Mamba (Manba)

    TONEKING MANBA all-metal flat earbuds Configuration: Magnesium-aluminum alloy diaphragm in welded moving roll Sensitivity: 115dB Frequency response range: 8 ~ 39KHz Impedance: 32Ω Distortion: ≤ 0.2% at1KHz
  2. pdroid

    [SETUP] On the go hi-fi

    Hello world. I decided that i wanted to show off present my current and first setup, to enjoy the elusive world of hi-fi audio on the go. I would like to encourage you to also present your mobile setup. Source: iPhone SE 2020 - audio vary between Youtube Music Premium and on-device FLAC and...


  4. musiclife

    Replacing airpods (non-IEM wireless buds)

    After loosing my airpods for the second time, I decided its time to try something a bit less expensive, and I believe the competition did catch up. I am absolutely not brand dependant, I only go for the best value at the time. For example, when the Macbook air first came out, nothing was...
  5. Cypherus Audio Black Dragon

    Cypherus Audio Black Dragon

    Black Dragon Earbuds Top of The Line Custom Build to accommodate customer-requested sound signature. 15mm strong neodymium magnet with in-house coil. Cable is special order solid copper thick silver coated with military-grade cryogenic treatment.
  6. F

    weird question, bose sport earbud vs quietcomfort 1 for running and gym use?

    i know one literally has "sport" in its name, but the QC is usually double the price of the sport one. but in my country, they are practically the same price. so if i buy the spot, i feel like i am making the worse purchase. has anyone tried to run or go to the gym with a pair of QC 1?
  7. M

    Looking to replace Samsung HS330

    (Hi, this is my first thread. Feel free to correct my terminology and misconceptions.) Back in the 2010s I got a Samsung smartphone and it came with my first pair of actually comfortable earbuds, which I really like. I am confident that the model is the Samsung HS330 (link to Samsung site)...
  8. Ourart QJ21 Selected Edition Earbuds

    Ourart QJ21 Selected Edition Earbuds

    Ourart QJ21 Selected Edition This is a "Pro" version of the original QJ21. Sonic differences between QJ21 and QJ21 selected edition: The QJ21 Selected Edition uses a high-purity silver-plated cable, and is compatible with more devices via a modular distal plug for 2.5 mm, 3.5 mm and 4.4 mm...
  9. Yincrow Calf

    Yincrow Calf

    Yincrow Calf Brand: Yincrow Model: Calf Product Type: In-ear Color: Blue Impedance:26Ω Shell Material: Metal Earphone Sensitivity: 109dB/mW Frequency Range: 10-40000Hz Earphone plug type: 3.5mm/4.4mm Balanced Optional Connector: Detachable MMCX Cable Length: About 1.2m±3cm Whether with Mic...
  10. TGXEar Alpha

    TGXEar Alpha

    Taken from the TGXEar website here: 600ohm Beryllium composite dome diaphragm. "This hard to drive earbuds are designed to work best with a desktop amp and tuned to be neutral with high resolution throughout the entire frequency range. It has well formed stage in all direction and excellent...
  11. Sivga M200

    Sivga M200

    Specifications Transducer type: Dynamic Transducer size: 15.4mm Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz Sensitivity: 114dB ± 3dB Impedance: 32Ω ± 15% Cable length: 1.2m ± 0.2m Connector: 3.5mm Weight: 24g Packaging 1 earphone 1 carrying case 1 clip 1 pair of earhooks 2 pairs of sponge covers
  12. TGXEar Serratus

    TGXEar Serratus

    Driver Setup: Single Dynamic Driver (300ohm Blue PET Polymer Resin Crystal Diaphragm) Sensitivity: 102dB SPL at 1mW Purchase link and contact info: https://www.instagram.com/tgxear/ Serratus is the first flagship produced by @tgx78 under his own TGXEAR brand.
  13. Penon PAC

    Penon PAC

    Specification Audiophiles earbud Driver: 15.4mm PET Composite titanium diaphragm Impedance: 40 ohm Sensitivity :106dB Frequency response: 20-20Khz MMCX connector Package PAC earbud (no cable) These earbuds can be obtained for free by purchasing some ISN cables/Penon cables/IEMs from the...
  14. BuduBuds V1

    BuduBuds V1

    MX500 shelled open back earbuds, handmade in Malaysia - 32 Ohm dynamic driver - 100db sensitivity For more details please check https://www.facebook.com/budubuds
  15. lostone88

    What earphone between the two for my iBasso DX220 with a modified Amp Card 8?

    Just got an ibasso DX220 with a modified amp card 8 by Whitigr. the amp card has a Output with a balanced 4.4" TRRS. I have been looking at a FINAL AUDIO B3 or a LZ A7 HIFI Earbud. Which should I choose? The seller recommenced the LZ A7, But I like the look of the FINAL AUDIO B3 Would they take...
  16. Joemanji


    Impedance: 32Ω Frequency range: 20-20000Hz Cable: 4 core black & copper colorway Silver Plated Copper (SPC) Driver diameter: 15.4mm Plug: 2.5mm Gold-plated Balanced Joemanji is an entry-level earbuds made by Just on Earbuds; a startup company in the Philippines. The name came from a fellow...
  17. Faaeal Iris 2.0

    Faaeal Iris 2.0

    FAAEAL Iris 2.0 NO Mic Version Band:FAAEAL Line Length:1.2M(±3cm) Core:5N Litz OFC Diaphragm:PET Coil:Daikoku Magnet:Rubidium Iron Boron / (RbFeB) Sensitivity:106db Impedance:32Ω Unit diameter:15.4mm Frequency Response Range:20-20KHZ Vocalism Principle:Dynamic Color:Black/Gray/Blue
  18. K's Earphone 2020+ LBBS (Little Bell S)

    K's Earphone 2020+ LBBS (Little Bell S)

    Specification: 1. Temperament (Ksearphone) Bell-LBB / Bell-LBs 2.Brand:Temperament (Ksearphone) 3.Model:Bell-LBB / Bell-LBBs 4.Type: Earbud 5.Impedance: 30Ω 6.Earphone sensitivity:105±3dB/mW 7.Frequency range:10-40000Hz 8.THD: <1%@1KHz 9.Cable Length: 1.2m±5cm 10.Color:Black, White 11. plug...
  19. K's Temperament 小黑铃 Bell-LBBs

    K's Temperament 小黑铃 Bell-LBBs

    Impedance: 30Ω Sensitivity: 105±3dB/mW Frequency range:10-40000Hz THD: <1%@1KHz
  20. Smabat M0

    Smabat M0

    Parameter configuration Model: M0 type (modular) Drive unit: 15.4mm titanium coating Impedance: 20Ω Frequency response range: 15Hz-20kHz Sensitivity: 105±3dB Plug type: 3.5mm Cable length: 1.2m Smabat- type M0 Fever sound quality Modular headphones, huge sound field Development learning...
  21. Smabat M2s Pro

    Smabat M2s Pro

    Modular headset-M2s Pro It is the second generation of Smabat Technology's first modular design headset. No need to weld the driver unit, you can upgrade and adjust the sound quality of the headset by replacing parts. This is a headset specially designed for headset enthusiasts. You will find a...
  22. Smabat Super One

    Smabat Super One

  23. Astrotec Lyra Nature Limited Edition

    Astrotec Lyra Nature Limited Edition

    Inheriting the clear and transparent soundstage of Lyra series, it further enhances the sense of encirclement while ensuring a bright sound, improving a better imaging. This is the new legend--Lyra Nature Limited Edition Copper Die-Casting Labyrinth Filter New Upgraded Cable Ear Guide that...
  24. Lucid ears

    Lucid ears

  25. Lucid ears

    Lucid ears