1. QIGOM S130

    QIGOM S130

    Handmade 130 Ohm Beryllium Diaphragm Flat Headphone HiFi with 8 Strand OFC Silver Plated Cable Portable Earphone Pure beryllium diaphragm, 130 ohm impedance handmade flat headphone. It can be used with mobile phone without an amplifier. The sound is very smooth vocal, bass is stable and strong...
  2. FAAEAL Iris

    FAAEAL Iris

    15.4mm driver Diaphragm:PET Coil:Daikoku Magnet:Rubidium Iron Boron / (RbFeB) Sensitivity:106db Unit diameter:15.4mm Frequency Response Range:20-20KHZ Vocalism Principle:Dynamic
  3. VSonic VSD 3P

    VSonic VSD 3P

    Description Handmade, every pair is unique VSONIC brand first Vice-flat earphones High-quality diaphragm, 16mm high dynamic driver Tri-band equalizer, suitable for popular, vocal Bullet-proof wire, tensile and not winding 3.5mm gold-plated L-shaped two-channel plug Fashion wearing way Using...
  4. SMABAT ST-10S


    Product Highlights: 1. Titanium triple diaphragm,Labyrinth acoustic structure,Comfortable wearing performance 2.Second-generation ST-10S first-generation headphones have the following characteristics than the ST-10: a longer maze-shaped structure, the bass is more flexible than before, the mid...
  5. T

    Earphone advice for apple switcher

    Hello, so I used to have an iphone and I switched to android recently and the volume contol of my apple earphones which I love do not work on my android. So I am basicaly looking for a copy of the apple for android(...
  6. poppopio

    Brass Silver Gold earbuds shell for diy

    Hello everybody I come from Thailand. My Name is Thanat I have jewelry factory and Goldsmiths shop . and I am admin IN THIS GROUP TEF Thai Earphones Fanclub https://www.facebook.com/groups/266119590921199/ FACEBOOK GROUP and I like headphones very much I can make diy earbud from...
  7. KB EAR Knight

    KB EAR Knight

    1. Product Name: KB EAR Knight 2. Brand: KB EAR 3. Model:Knight 4. Earphone type: In Ear 5. Impedance: 32Ω 6. Earphone sensitivity: 109db 7. Frequency response range:20Hz-25KHz 8. Plug Type: 3.5mm gold plated straight jack 9. Cable Length: 1.25 10.Color: Black 11.Whether with cable: Yes 12...
  8. FAAEAL Datura Pro

    FAAEAL Datura Pro

    Specifications: - Dynamic - Impedance: 16 Ω - Sensitivity: 106 dB - Frequency range: 18 - 20000Hz
  9. M

    Looking for an earbud similar to the kph30i

    Hi all, new user but I've used head-fi as a resource for a long time. I am looking for an earbud (not iem) which are unfortunately kind of niche and hard to find info on. I listen to a wide variety of stuff but staying more on the orchestral or vocally driven side of things such as piano jazz...
  10. B9Scrambler

    Astrotec Impressions and Discussion Thread

    Astrotec has been a staple brand in this hobby for as long as I've been a participant. Was surprised there was no dedicated thread for them, so here we go! They were founded in 2002. In 2012 they entered the portable audio market with the AM90 (classic review from ljokerl). Their lineup...
  11. BloodyPenguin

    Earbuds Anonymous Earbud

    Welcome. This is a Thread for the discussion of the Earbuds Anonymous Earbud (also known as the 'EA Earbud'). I started the Facebook Group Earbuds Anonymous back in December of 2016 as a place to discuss all things earbuds. Fast forward to Fall of 2019, we wanted to thank our members by...
  12. Smabat M1 Pro

    Smabat M1 Pro

    Specification: 1. Product Name: Smabat M1 Pro metal earbud 2. Brand: Smabat 3. Model: M1 Pro 4. Type: Earbud 5. Impedance: 32Ω 6. Eerphone sensitivity:110dB/mW 7...
  13. F

    Introductory open back IEMs under $250

    I work in a kitchen, and therefore need to hear my surroundings well, but over the ear headphones are far too high profile. I need a durable set of IEMs, preferably with an open back. Style, and wired/bluetooth, are not factors. I mostly listen to podcasts, 80's, Greenday and QUIN XCII, so...
  14. Nicehck ME80

    Nicehck ME80

    1. Product Name: NICEHCK ME80 metal earbud 2. Brand: NICEHCK 3. Model: ME80 4. Type: Earbud 5. Impedance: 34Ω 6. Eerphone sensitivity:109dB/mW 7. Frequency range:20-25000Hz 8. THD: <1%@1KHz 9. Eerphone plug type: 3.5mm straight plug 10.Cable Length: 1.2m±5cm 11.Color...
  15. Simphonio Dragon 3 Dynamic Driver Audiophile HiFi Earbuds Earphone

    Simphonio Dragon 3 Dynamic Driver Audiophile HiFi Earbuds Earphone

    Specification Driver: 15.8mm Dynamic Neodymium magnet Frequency Response:20-25000 Hz Impedance: 150Ω Output Sound Pressure Level:108±3dB/mW Maximum Input Power:3mW Cable: 1.3 meter 6N OCC 8 cores Weight: 14g Accessorries A 2,5” balanced (TRRS) female to 3,5” single ended (TRS) male adapter...
  16. WoodyLuvr

    What is your primary ear bud foam cover type and set up?

    What is your primary ear bud foam cover type and set up?
  17. zato23

    (SOLD) Smabat ST-10 Earbuds (EU)

    Selling a pair of new never used Smabat ST-10 this is the newer version with improved mmcx connectors on earbuds and cable. Price is 67 euros (shipped) (buyer pay paypal fees)
  18. subwoof3r

    FS: NiceHCK EBX earbuds (MINT condition) / new price!

    Hi there, Selling my pair of NiceHCK EBX (MMCX) earbuds. Mint condition (zero micro scratch nor shock, as I’m extremely meticulous). They will comes with a MMCX upgraded cable from NiceHCK for the sale (possibility to sale without the cable) and of course all their original stock elements...
  19. BGVP DMS


    BGVP DMS IEM 6BA+1DD Hybrid Earphones. To achieve a more professional driver configurations, DMS adopts SWFK-31736 Knowles driver for high and extreme high frequency, two DEK-60318 drivers for mid and low frequency, one 10mm macromolecule driver. These make the sound more flexible and...
  20. seanc6441

    (FS/FT) Blox Yin (updated revision of Blox TM9)

    Selling my Blox Yin which is in like-new condition. Just received this unit from Blox 2 months ago and have only listened to it sparingly as I have many, many earbuds (too much maybe lol). To describe the sound on these I would say: Extremely smooth. Detailed clear mids and relaxed highs. Good...
  21. Omeigen

    An interesting magnetic suspension decoration

    One of the features of UFOEAR is that its earphone box is like a UFO flying saucer, which is as cool as its name "UFOEAR". But it's far more than a decoration. The cockpit and the frisbee can be seperated.
  22. N

    Removable cable ear bud NON over the ear recommendations

    Hey everyone. First post. Looking for recommendations for a strong removable cable NON over the ear earbud. One that comes with a remote would be ideal as well. Price point would be $100-$200. Ive looked at the Final Audio e4000 but it doesn't come with a remote or mic. Any suggestions?
  23. Sotiris

    Mint VE monk + with SPC cable

    Hi I have the Monks SPC cable almost new. I never use them so i keep them in their box...Make offers money or trade.


    Specification Driver Size - 14.8mm, Shell – Yuin, Frequency - 6-25KHz, Impedance - 32Ω Sensitivity -115dB, Plug Type - 3.5mm/2.5mm. Cable Length: 1.2m.
  25. T

    Deep insert earbud like etymotic?

    I'm a fan of etymotic's deep insert earbud style. ER4XR was great but it lacked bass I craved. Any other earbud that has similar deep insert style like etymotic?