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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. ArmAndHammer
    Ocean's 13. Got it for Christmas...never seen before. Not bad...not nearly as good as the first two. Seemed too rushed, not enough time to let the plan unfold or continued character development. I'd do 7/10 just because I really like the cast.
    Also, not a movie but I finished up Dexter season 4 last night. WOW !!!! Stunner. I won't say anything else, don't want to give anything away. The whole series 10/10...easily.
    Clash of Titans. Two thumbs up! I was never bored from the start till the end! Great movie.
  3. Frostmoon
    True grit. I'd give it a 7/10. Probably first western i've ever watched all way thru
  4. Thecoolguy
    Tron Legacy- 8/10: Watched the movie for the third time today.  Though the story wasn't the best and there were a few holes in the plot, I thought it was a very fun movie, not to mention what an awesome job Daft Punk did on the soundtrack.
  5. TrebleMaker
    Scott Pilgrim VS The World.
  6. yifu
    10 out of 10
    Just so likeable.
  7. Proglover
    Black Swan 6.5
    ok, good acting, but why the heck would this be a masterpiece. No, it wasn't that good. Both the Wrestler and Requiem were better on my opinion.
  8. rehabitat
    I finally saw Avatar and I'll rate it 9/10.  I really identify with the simple metaphors contained within, although I don't reckon humanity will kill the Earth, it will end us and rebuild itself, as it has done before.  Some parts were a bit corny and predictable, but without those elements it would not have had the same wide-ranging appeal.  I would define Avatar as great entertainment, not great art.
  9. TheDreamthinker
    Has anybody watched Hachiko?
  10. Proglover


    No, but it's pretty high on my to-watch list. Excellent ratings
  11. TheDreamthinker
    It's really sad......and has a great moral.
    I almost cried....
    a must watch!!!
  12. SemiAudiophile
    The Social Network - 7/10
    Just average. The story was kind of interesting I guess if it were true, but...it lacked character?
  13. TheDreamthinker
    Nice movie.....a bit difficult to swallow.
    But good enough: 7,75/10
  14. Audio-Omega
    Ip Man 2 - 6.8/10
  15. TheDreamthinker


    I mean the structure is the same.....
    Although if u didn't like the first one, u would like the second one too.
    But i presume in that case u wouldn't have watched it.
    I found it good enough:    7,9/10
473 474 475 476 477 478 479 480 481 482
484 485 486 487 488 489 490 491 492 493

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