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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. rehabitat
    Inception - 7.5/10
    Interesting concept rendered a bit too busy and confusing.  Had to watch the opening sequence again to fully get it.  Couldn't relate well to Cobb/DiCaprio, however the final scene was somewhat moving.
  2. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "The American" [2.0/10]: What was George Clooney thinking? I just barely made it through the movie. I guess since he lives in Italy that it was a convenient film to make. Certainly not much in the way of dialogue. Very disappointing waste of money. I would have given it less than a "2" but there are some attractive women with European accents in it!
  3. Graphicism Contributor

    The American was Brilliant, I suppose you also didn't like No Country for Old Men as that was done in a similar style. Personally I love the little dialogue, it let's the movie play rather than hold your hand throughout like the majority of movies today have to do.
    Catfish - 3/10
    Went into this movie knowing nothing of it, only heard it was good, movie of the year good... it wasn't! Turned out to be a documentary, a fake one I might add, about a long distance relationship over Facebook.
  4. Anaxilus
    Catfish was horrible.  The trailer made it look like Blair Witch.  Lying bastards.
    I liked the way The American and No Country were filmed.  Just hated both stories.
  5. dirkpitt45
    I agree wit DLeeWebb, 
    I'd give The American a 2/10 for the same reason. It was so over-played and seemed like it was trying way too hard. No Country For Old Men was similar, but it was actually a good a movie.  
  6. DLeeWebb Contributor


    I loved "No Country For Old Men." I bought it on Blu-Ray! "The American" just had no story. Think about it, you could explain the entire movie in about two sentences. IMHO the most disappointing movie (other than "A Serious Man") I've seen in recent times...
  7. revolink24
    True Grit - 8.5/10
    Jeff Bridges comes off as fantastically "gritty", and the cinematography was generally superb, with a nice blend of suspense and comedy. May not ever be one of my favorite movies, but it was just really really solid. 
  8. Graphicism Contributor

    Well it's minimal, very methodical, and it certainly isn't an action movie. I like it because you are told nothing about the main character and you learn everything through his actions.
  9. DLeeWebb Contributor


    You do have a valid point...
  10. Proglover
    Old School was on tv this evening, couldn't zap to another station, I love that movie, everytime
    "Let's go streaking!...................................................KFC still open?"
  11. Confispect


  12. grokit
    I saw Rocky Balboa off the tivo last night and I was surprised, it was actually decent. It was a "back to his roots" kind of story, instead of the extravaganzas that the later Rocky movies tried to be. There was very nice selective use of black and white scenes as well; 8/10.
  13. Proglover


    yeah, had a surprisingly good time watching that also. Just like that new Rambo movie was actually pretty entertaining
  14. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "Inception" [9.4/10]: I know that I rated this film highly after I first saw it in the theater. Tonight I watched it on Blu-Ray and liked it just as much. I even picked-up a few things that didn't register during the first viewing. A sure sign of a good film and a good story.
  15. spookygonk
    Little Miss Sunshine. Having read many positive reviews of this movie I finally got around to watch it. Wasn't disappointed, a touching & funny story. 9/10
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