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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. beamthegreat
    inception - 9/10 great movie but did the totem in the ending stopped spinning?
  2. fenixdown110

    That's for you to decide, but the general concensus says yes.
    If you look carefully, he no longer has a ring on his finger which will confirm that. His children are also wearing different clothes than he remembers and they actually turn to show their faces.

  3. Anaxilus


    Supposedly you can hear it fall at the end of the credits.  Which is meaningless for the reasons mentioned above.  I thought it was a cheesy tease myself.
  4. grokit
    Get ready for "Inception II - The Spin".
    I enjoyed a double-feature last night.
    I watched Immortal again, it really has a lot going on and I got a lot more out of it the second time. It's similar to Inception that way, where if you're not capable of a laser-like focus for the entire movie you miss out on important details. Another movie like that was Gilliam's Brazil. Anyways 9/10, I knocked off a half point because of the lack of subtitles for the ancient and French dialogs but I thought it was a powerful, original movie in every way. You have a love story within a science fictional dystopian future (85 years out, or 90 when it was released) with bio-engineered humans sharing the stage with ancient deities and a 1984 vibe, all within a Brazil-like future tech where there are old cars flying around and a lot of post-war "recycling", including the re-use of human beings against their will. It has great protagonist characters, and the villains are a  totally evil corporation and a corrupt government. And of course the gods of ancient Egypt, trying to hold the very fabric of reality together, are indifferent to these petty human concerns. And the integration of live and animated characters and sets was pretty groundbreaking in 2004.
    I also saw Winter's Bones, a great portrait of a once-proud extended family that's part of a once-proud but slowly dying culture, and what it takes to survive in the face of very inhospitable conditions, also 9/10.
  5. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "True Grit" [8.6/10]: I enjoyed this adaptation of the novel much more than I did the original movie. Jeff Bridges was phenomenal. The storyline was simplistic but the production design and performances were first rate (with the possible exception of Matt Damon...his performance was acceptable, but he felt a little miscast to me...). I would like to see "Black Swan" but if I only get to see one film this holiday season I'm happy that it was this one... (the Coen Brother are back in my good graces even after that very strange movie, "A Serious Man")
  6. vinnievidi
    Somewhere: 8.5/10
    This is the new movie by Sophia Coppola and may sadly go largely under noticed.  This was a much better movie than her last film and in some regards could possibly be better than Lost in Translation.   
  7. Anaxilus

    Wow.  Lost in Translation is one of my alltime faves.  I even liked the Virgin Suicides.
  8. Calexico
    In some regards... like... I don't even know how you could be better than Lost in Translation.
    No Country for Old Men - 7/10
    Cool movie.  Didn't really "get" anything from it though.  I saw it and that was it.
  9. chrisftl
    the last movie i watched in theaters? jackass 3d
    i loved it. i liked 2 better just because it was the most fun i had ever had in a movie theater, so it was hard to top it. it did well. the 3d got pretty annoying after while (it was utilized well in certain parts - certain parts it was just pointless), though.
    the last movies i watched in general for the first time:
    snatch - watched it about a month ago. it's now one of my favorite "british" movies ever.
    frequently asked questions about time travel - it's only like an hour and 10 minutes long, but anna faris was looking FOINE in it, and the plot was pretty hysterical, as well as the acting.
    o brother, where art thou? - it's a coen brothers movie. i don't think i need to say more. but just in case: clooney, turturro, john goodman, and a grammy-winning soundtrack.
  10. vinnievidi


    I think that in a lot of ways Coppola has grown as a writer since Lost in Translation.  LiT had a magical innocence to its character, but Somewhere shows another level of maturity.  
  11. Br777
    rabbit hole - 9/10  - If you are looking for a real downer.  like if you are considering suicide and you need something to push you over the edge, you will love this movie.  I however am not, and am not, and therefore did not care so much for it, but i definitely cant say it was bad.  It was done very well and accomplished what it set out to do with gusto.  great acting, great everything.. just a very very down and depressive movie.. not for me.
    "lost in translation." i thought that movie was just plain aweful.  but i think it was one of those either love it or hate it type movies..  i suppose, like rabbit hole, it was very well done, and cant really be called a "bad" movie. i just plain didnt like it.
    regarding inception.. i really cant imagine that the director would have allowed anything conclusive to happen in that movie, such as hearing the top fall at the end of the credits.  to me the whole point of this movie was not trying to figure out whether he was dreaming or not at the end, it was the mystery.. it was the sort of movie designed to make you question reality, and ask yourself what is real.. not to draw a concrete conclusion about what was really going on.
  12. Apocalypsee
    Tron: Legacy in 3D 7/10
    Most of the 7 is for its 3D and graphics, storywise I think the first one is much much better. But the soundtrack is great, integrates well with the movie theme. Overall its a worthy movie to watch in 3D.
    Tangled 8/10
    Watched with family. First time Rapunzel comes out my jaw dropped, she's so pretty. Graphically its wonderful, storywise its great as well, few moments I laugh like hell in the theatres but that's ok because most of them were kids [​IMG]
  13. Confispect


    Going to watch Black Swan now.
  14. xXFallenAngelXx
    Tron Legacy-6/10 graphics were awesome but the plot was kind of eh..the first movie was totally better
    some parts of the movie kinda pissed me off a bit too if you know what I mean
  15. joomongj


    My friend talked about Black Swan also. He thoroughly enjoyed it. Gotta watch it.
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