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Rate The Last Movie You Watched

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  1. tdockweiler
    Harry and the Hendersons - 100/10
    This is the only movie I got to watch this week. Sad isn't it?
    To make it worse, Netflix's aspect ratio of this is all wrong, so when you watch it, it's all stretched out.
    I haven't seen this movie since I was probably 10...
    Oh yeah...wait...
    I saw "The Kids Are all Right". I'd give that an 8.25/10.
    I bought "Hard Boiled" on blu-ray today. Maybe i'll go watch that tonight.
  2. vagarach
    Never Let Me Go - 8/10
    Superbly shot film with some poignant imagery and great acting that ultimately doesn't really go anywhere.  It can be very depressing at times with its desaturated colours, slow pacing, and characters who are on the brink of death right at the apex of their youth.  
    I kept hoping that there would be some awesome twist of horror or the unexpected, but no, the movie played out very obviously, with more focus on the emotion and journey of the characters than the scifi-ish world they inhabit.
  3. KevDo
    Flirting with Disaster - 7/10
    Was an entertaining sort of "road-trip"/series-of-funny-events type of adventure. Good cast and moved along nicely. Was funny in places and never boring or cringe-worthy at any time. Just one of those turn-off and have a laugh sort of ones.
  4. BobSaysHi


    I have literally never laughed so hard at something so awesome in a long time. Good job, sir.
  5. Proglover
    Majesteit (Majesty) 7+
    Nice Dutch movie about our Royal family and the role of our Monarchy.
    The English have the fantastic movie 'The Queen' (which I enjoyed more than Majesteit), we now have Majesteit.
  6. Confispect
    Black Swan 9/10
  7. SoupRKnowva
    while i was home on vacation, i saw a couple movies
    Tron 2/5 i thought this movie was pretty awful, complete waste of 17 dollars for the 3d imax version
    Black Swan 5/5 this has got to be one of daron aronofsky's most approachable movies, but its still amazing, and "the" scene with natalie portman and mila kunis certainly didnt hurt :wink:
  8. Proglover
    True Grit 8+
    very very good.
  9. shipsupt
    Season of the Witch - 2 out of 10
    I really wanted to like this movie, and gave it every chance I could... but it is just not that good.  It drags, the story is weak, the acting is not great, the special effects are not realistic... ugh.  I am still trying to come up with something that I liked about it... still trying... nope not yet... 
    When I left the movies I told my girl that I had a new rule called "The Nicolas Cage Rule".... if Nicolas Cage is in it, I'm going to pass.
    Season the Witch, straight to video...
  10. shipsupt


    Why didn't I go with this over Season of the Witch!  I should have known better.
  11. SoupRKnowva

    i dont know how you thought that movie had even a slight chance of being good lol usually having nick cage in it is enough for me to pass....but nick cage with dragons?!?! that was too much
  12. Anaxilus
    Blue Valetine 7.75/10
    Rabbit hole 7/10
    Somewhere 8/10 - Lost in Translation is still gem in Sofia's collection IMO.
  13. DLeeWebb Contributor
    "Clash Of The Titans" [6.2/10]: Entertaining...remembered more of the original, which I haven't seen in many years, than I thought that I would. Performances were wooden, special effects were run of the mill...
  14. grokit
    War is Hell weekend: started out with Restrepo, a candid and revealing documentary portrait of the Afghanistan occupation effort 7.5/10
    Then I saw Centurion the next evening, it was better that I thought it would be but I'm a sucker for that Lost Ninth Legion stuff. Graphic violence, nice ending 8/10
    The parallels between the two movies was eerie; the fate of the foreign occupations, etc. Netflix made the choice this time, almost like it was intentional...
  15. nick_charles Contributor
    Avatar - somewhat heavy-handed polemic, and far far too long, visuals were nice...
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