Ranking The Stars - flinkenick's 17 IEM Flagship Shootout (introduction and reviews on page 1)

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  1. Wyville
    Yeah, I showed her the design yesterday evening and I could see she really loved it, so I will keep trying. I will bring her over to the dark.. uh, "head-fi" side yet! :D
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  2. Blacktulipx
    Could you tell please once again your 5 TOTl iems? I can not find in the thread. Have you already compared Tia fourte with others eims?

  3. Wyville
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  4. Deezel177
    I'm on the exact same boat, bud. My girlfriend is studying design at the moment and I've been slowly trying to coax her into Head-Fi by showing her pictures of CIEMs as "inspiration". But, alas, she hasn't budged an inch. :D
  5. Wyville
    Haha! Yeah, when I bought her the Final E2000 I had one of those typical moments where I showed her the E2000 and E3000 and before I could say anything about the sound she said: "The black ones."

    It's like asking what car she likes...
    - Which of those cars do you like? -
    "That one."
    - Why? -
    "Because it's blue."
    - It has no wheels. -
    "But it's blue."
  6. junix
    Man, you got this bribing thing completely wrong.. :ksc75smile:
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  7. Deezel177
    It's like how my mom chooses karts and tires in Mario Kart. My little brother and I are obsessing over stats and performance, while she's over there going, "Bowser looks really cute in a pink convertible!" :D
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  8. Wyville
    That, or my wife is a master strategist! :D
    That made me laugh so hard! Brilliant! :sweat_smile:
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  9. Blacktulipx
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  10. flinkenick
    Brief impressions of the Fourte (with a disclaimer that it is still from Canjam London):

    Fourte has a deep reaching, punchy bass with an emphasis on sub- over mid-bass. The upper-bass specifically is laidback. As a result it's a powerful and well-defined bass, yet in overall quantity it is not particularly enlarged; the body of the bass does not necessarily drift to basshead territory. It bares resemblance with dynamic drivers as the Dita Dream and RE2000 for instance, with A18 seeming to have more mid-bass quantity. Fourte combines this impactful bass with a leaner midrange body, and enhanced treble. Where the Fourte excels is the three-dimensionality and airiness of the stage, resulting in precise imaging and outstanding separation - the conciseness of the instrument body certainly helps here. In addition, the sound is highly resolved and both the midrange and treble pace is very quick, contributing to an extraordinarily detailed and energetic presentation. This comes with the sidenote that the Fourte is brighter than most top-tier iems pursuant to the lifted lower- and especially upper-treble; I would say brighter than the iems in the shootout.
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  11. PinkyPowers
    I will have my full Fourté review up in a few days. Mid next week at the latest, but possibly as early as this weekend.

    Comparisons to U12, Encore, and SubGuy's Zeus. :D
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  12. Wyville
    Okay, Noble seems to be off in a new direction. Noble EDC Velvet:

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  13. ranfan
    Oh my goodness, look at those cute puppies! :D I want one..

    @Wyville @Deezel177 Thank you very much you guys for all your kind 'support'. I'm not sure if I should call it support, because it felt more like a devil's whisper.. Anyway, big high-five, team! Congratulations to all of us. Now that I'm in the dark side, it actually doesn't feel that bad.. (Hey Wyville, come on and join us already, the water is not cold. :D Don't forget to bring your puppies along).
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  14. proedros
    @ranfan looks like @flinkenick really got under your skin - i see 3 of his ciems in your signature now

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  15. Deezel177
    On my personal record, you're victim number four or five. Welcome to the club. :wink:
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