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  1. Acoustune HS1300SS

    Acoustune HS1300SS

    Specifications: Housing: Stainless steel cabinet made of CNC technology with stainless steel inner casing Connector: Pentaconn Ear Driver: 10mm D3.5 generation 10mm Myrinx dynamic driver Frequency response: 10Hz – 25kHz Sensitivity: 110dB/mW Maximum input: 100mW Impedance: 32 Ohms Weight...
  2. KBEAR Lark

    KBEAR Lark

    Specification: Brand: KBEAR Model: Lark Interface: 2PIN 0.78mm(TFZ) Frequency response: 20-20kHz Sensitivity: 105dB Impedance: 16ohm Earphone material: Zinc Alloy+Environmental friendly PO Color: Mauve; Light Gray; Aqua Green Cable material: 4 core silver-plated cable Plugtype: 3.5mm...
  3. audioflymarketing

    Audiofly Pro launches new packaging and upgraded accessories

    We're excited to announce a new makeover for our Audiofly Pro range of IEMs (excluding the AF100 MK2). Locally designed and engineered in Perth, our Audiofly Pro IEMs will be outfitted with brand new colourful packaging and receive an upgrade in their included accessories. These new...
  4. Lunatic21

    Looking for a new IEM

    Hey guys, so I'm looking to replace my IEMs. I've gone through a pair of nuforce IEM and the Shure425s and Shure 535s. I liked them both to be honest, but Shures sound isolating and noise cancelling was the best thing I've experienced, along with the design that allowed you to fall asleep with...
  5. aminus

    SOLD: 64 Audio A12t

    For sale is my freshly RMA'd A12t from 64 Audio. One of the best full BA IEMs on the market in my opinion, and one of my favorite IEMs ever. So why am I selling it? Unfortunately, for whatever reason the A12t's compensations for being a custom (compared to the U12t) are simply incompatible...
  6. Avenida

    [SOLD] JH Audio 13v2 Pro Universal

    Up for grabs at a great price are JH13v2 Pro's that I bought on a trip to Tokyo in September 2019. Only selling due to recent upgrade. Comes with circular carry case, Moon Audio cable (attached to IEM), bass adjustment screwdriver, cleaning tool and a pair of medium silicone tips. Great...
  7. fastgoose

    Selling RHA MA750i in-ears almost new

    I am selling my in ear monitors form RHA because I don't use them anymore because I dont listen to music when i am outside. I bought them on 19 march 2019 and have 2 yeers of waranty left, but rarly used them. I have desinfected them and they are complete. Only one comply foam eartip is missing...
  8. Audeze LCDi3

    Audeze LCDi3

    The LCDi3 introduces superior resolution and refined acoustical tuning to the award-winning iSINE design. Featuring the design of the LCDi4 together with the low impedance of the iSINE series, the LCDi3 can push up to 130dB with zero audible distortion for a true audiophile in-ear experience...
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  10. Alexis Papatasios


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  11. yiannis.zach

    SOLD : Like New, NOBLE Audio KAISER-10 Universal, from EU (K10 K10U K10UA)

    That was fast... Sorry but SOLD within minutes via another marketplace
  12. H

    Looking for an iem upgrade from tin p1.

    Hi. Newbie here and first time post here. Looking for an iem with great mids and highs. I got too used to the p1s highs and recessed bass so i plan to get something with a better emphasis and power on the mids. My budget's around $200-500. My main use for the iem would be for listening to jazz...
  13. mroneto

    SOLD: FiiO Q5 Portable DAC/Amp with AM3D THX AAA-78 Amp Module

    For sale is a lightly used FiiO Q5 portable DAC/Amplifier with the rare AM3D THX AAA-78 Module installed. - The stock amplifer (AM3A) is included - A DDHiFi leather case will also be included No issues/damage, bought brand new from Headphone Bar in Vancouver last year Selling due to a recent...
  14. Adnan Firoze

    [SOLD] BEYERDYNAMIC XELENTO [Pristine] with ORIVETI Affinity Balanced Cable

    Hi, I am having to part ways with the most amazing IEM I have ever owned till date - reason being I'm 33 and a graduate student who needs to pay rent. - Good as beand new - Bought in June 2019 - I paid 900 bucks for it and it was worth every penny - Comes with EVERYTHING (both Beyerdynamic...
  15. youngmanoldboy

    In Ear recommendation under 100$

    Hello, backstory: previously i use AT-IM70 iem but i lost it (dont remember exactly where i store them, probably threw it away unconsciously ) i use msr7 daily and i really like its sound signature so is there any iem recommendation under 100$ that sound kinda similar as msr7? at least not too...
  16. atikin

    VSonic GR07 Bass Edition (BE)

    Price: 65 USD shipped Selling my old pair of VSonic GR07 Bass Edition (BE) IEM. One of the best audiophile sounds for this price range. Those are original VSonic earphones, 100% authentic and genuine. This model has enhanced bass response with generally v-shaped sound signature. Very airy and...
  17. Dudios Shuttle

    Dudios Shuttle

    Product description: Dudios True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth 5.0 Headphones, TWS HD Stereo in- Ear Headsets with mic(Rechargeable case 650mah, Clear Call, Easy-Pair, 24 hrs Playtime, Smart Touch) (Black)
  18. MrOTL

    Hidition NT1 One-Single BA driver iem (ciem)

    Custom-fit version Universal-fit version FR graph offered by 'Hidition' Hidition NT1 (New Tears 1) Type: Universal / Custiom-fit Sensitivity: 102.5dB Frequency response: 20Hz~17kHz Impedance: 14ohm Driver: Single balanced armature driver Production: Made in Korea Website...
  19. HeadphoneAddict

    Review of Westone Bluetooth V2 cable with aptX HD vs Westone Bluetooth V1 cable with aptX

    Review of Westone Bluetooth V2 cable with aptX HD vs original Westone Bluetooth V1 cable with aptX. Wireless headphones became a major topic when Apple discontinued the headphone jack on the iPhone 7 and 7+, in order to gain new water resistance ratings. They used the excuse that the loss was...
  20. Lark Studio LSIV

    Lark Studio LSIV

    The hand made, bespoke, LSIV is Lark Studio’s second earphone offering to arrive to market and is furnished with 4 precision balanced armature drivers to create another incredible earphone. It has quad balanced armature drivers (1 low, 1 mid, 1 high, 1 ultra high) in each ear and provides...
  21. Hidition NT1 Custom In-Ear Monitor

    Hidition NT1 Custom In-Ear Monitor

    Hidition NT1 (New Tears 1) Type: Universal / Custiom-fit Sensitivity: 102.5dB Frequency response: 20Hz~17kHz Impedance: 14ohm Driver: Single balanced armature driver Production: Made in Korea Website: Official distributor: Zeppelin & Co. (Singapore) Preasto (Hong Kong)
  22. VJJB N30

    VJJB N30

    Published specs: - Drivers: 2 DD + 1 BA - Sensitivity: 96dB - Impedance: 20ohm - Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 24000 Hz - Cable lenght: 1.2m (MMCX Connectors) - Plug Type: Straight gold plated 3.5 mm jack
  23. 91Dokuganryu

    [SOLD] Moondrop A8 for sale

    Hey guys, i am planing to sell my beloved Moondrop A8 Flagship IEMs, thex are in a very good state, used them only for commuting, didn't even use them 20 times, i sell them because my wife gifted me the Audio64 UT12 and i think the beautiful A8 don't deserve to just sit there and not being used...
  24. Eternal Melody EM-5H

    Eternal Melody EM-5H

    The EM-5H has a different setup of 5 BA drivers compared to the EM-5. The EM-5 has Two BAs of bass, Two BA for mid range and one BA for Treble. The EM-5H has One BA for Bass, Two BA for Mid range and Two BA for Treble. Specifications Drivers Configuration: 5 Balanced Armature Drivers (one...
  25. NymPHONOmaniac


    Hi All! As a big fan of Alpha & Delta D6, i follow closely the lauch of their new top of the line model call the KS3. So I decide to create this thread to share info and impressions, and answer questions you might haveabout this nice 3D printed earphones. You can look at some reviews here...