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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. p50kombi
    There is no successor in the pipeline anytime soon.
    The prolem with Tech is you can wait forever, because there is always something you could be waiting for with current development.
    I would say, if you don't like the radsone es100 as is, maybe try searching for something that matches it with the upgrades you just mentioned.
    I don't think you will be seeing a new version of the es100 anytime soon.

    My 2 cents, if you can get it at a good price, jump straight on it, you won't be dissapointed.
    If you get it at full price...you won't be dissapointed.,,,
    In short....you won't be dissapointed.
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  2. darkwing
    the ES100 is a very good product, love the balanced output
  3. civciv
    Thank you for your answer. I have just wanted to know that.

    I already know ES100's positive and negative sides and just wanted to know that if there will be a newer version in 1-2 months, I could wait.

    So I guess, $75 for this device is a good deal.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
  4. IrishAudio
    The excellent developer has stated in this thread that they do not intend to update the ES100 until more compelling features demand it and it is not currently planned. It’s a good DAC, great app, great support, they have added LDAC and Bluetooth 5.0 since release, they have added many features to the app from requests made here. Great EQ. It’s balanced and you can increase the current and voltage and battery is still excellent. I’m driving HD650s without any problem. So, maybe folks are asking too much for an upgrade this soon. :) Metal casings are often criticized for weaker wifi and Bluetooth interference in other products so I’m fine with a plastic casing, which also keeps it very light. I clip it to the headphone cord and don’t feel it at all. Would I prefer bigger buttons with different shapes and different placement? Yes. But, that’s really my only critique.

    Next in the pipeline is the ES200 which is NOT a replacement for the ES100. The ES200 is a small DAC that is not Bluetooth. I’m hoping for a great dual internal DAC and suspect we will hear more about it very soon.
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  5. Julien
    Have one on order from Amazon for $100 is is about to ship. Just looked and don't see the $75 price. Is this about to happen or is it over? Should I cancel and wait a couple of days?
  6. civciv
    I have been tracking the ES100 on Keepa and they have just e-mailed me about the upcoming lightning deals on amazon.com and amazon.de

    It says that deal will start on amazon.com at 12.12.2018 20:40 (Eastern Standart Time)

    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
  7. Julien
    WOW, this has me perplexed. Do you know how long the sale will last (24 hours at least)?
  8. phattrance
    Have anyone tried to add a magnet to the clip? So that they can easily can add the device anywhere they want on their t-shirt? Like an magnet on the clip and another magnet under the t-shirt
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  9. civciv

    Previous sales lasted about 6 hours. I guess these will be the same.
  10. peter123
    Jeez, that's my point exactly!

    I'd guess you either quoted the wrong post or misread my post completely .....
  11. monsieurfromag3
    I love the ES100, and at the same time I get that it’s tempting to wait a little for an upgrade, either from Radsone or another brand, especially since you have a BTR3 already.

    Shanling will soon (early 2019) release their up2, no balanced output but it seems they want to do something high-quality with top single-ended performance.

    Aëdle are also working on their BT receiver, an aluminum medallion, best of the best on the looks front (no one can compete design-wise), but for now with MMCX connectors only; they will probably release the same device with 3.5mm output soon. AptX HD, possibly LDAC too since they are about to release the VK-X headphones with both codecs integrated and an integrated AKM dac/amp, plus AAC and regular aptX.

    Radsone for me have kept their advance on the competition, even on products released at a later time, thanks to the wide range of supported codecs, excellent app, great SQ, balanced output, not to mention their incredible dedication to the community and relentless upgrade drive, proved once again by the recent addition of BT 5.0. Shanling, a year on, still feel like they have to resort to underhanded digs on the ES100 to promote their upcoming gizmo.
    Last edited: Dec 12, 2018
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  12. grininja
    Is it just in my imagination that after updating firmware to version 2.0.1 the connecting time is faster but the max volume is lower?
  13. phattrance
    Does anyone know why the device wont turn off when im plugging in the charger and have chosen the "auto power when charger connected" feature in the power options? Using firmware 2. I still can get sound out of the headset even thos the charger is plugged in.
  14. Trapok
    I was a bit cynical, I have the Es100 and really happy with it.
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  15. berzerk428
    using the high voltage mode of the ES100 really drives my AKG N5005 to the limit in terms of volume, I love it.

    I sometimes switch back to normal voltage mode because it doesnt drain the battery as fast, but it wont take long until I have to switch back because I end up cranking up the volume and going into overdrive which results in distorted bass.. I asked a while back but I'm still curious, anyone else using high voltage mode with their IEM?
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