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Radsone EarStudio ES100

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by m4rkw, Dec 12, 2017.
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  1. Alphasoixante

    Yes, please see my post #3378 on page 226. I was very happy to find these settings.
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  2. Rowethren
    Yeah I was very happy when that was shown to me lol... Was a real pain, especially when I was home and using my phone to stream Spotify over Chromecast and it suddenly cuts out because I put my ES100 on charge.
  3. phattrance
    Is there a way to save custom edited equalizer? Im not able to find a save button. Everytime i do some changes and then choose another EQ my current settings are lost.
  4. MisterMudd
    Yes. Set the equalizer the way you would like it to sound, then press one of the four Pre Buttons at the very bottom. It also gives you the chance to save it with a custom name.
  5. kukkurovaca
    You have to long press on the name of the preset for several seconds. This confused the hell out of me at first, too.
  6. kukkurovaca
    The ES100 doesn't have a parametric EQ (so far) so you can't just plug in the numbers from KMann's settings. You can get reasonably close, however, by scrutinizing one of the graphs for the cipher EQs and making similar adjustments on the graphical EQ that correspond to the graph. Here's an example:

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  7. civciv
    There is an upcoming lightning deal for ES100 on amazon and I would like to buy one.
    But considering that this device is relatively old, should I wait for an updated model?
  8. Lurk650
    I wouldn't call this device old, at all. Also, they have no plans for an updated model.
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  9. kukkurovaca
    ...it's like, a year old?
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  10. civciv
    Sure, a year old is old enough in technology area.
  11. kukkurovaca
    Yeah, but audio gear is much more niche than regular consumer electronics. Fewer units sold, slower refresh rate, especially for smaller manufacturers. (Although some manufacturers do iterate more frequently.)
  12. Trapok
    So, wait the new version with new tech.
  13. civciv
    I guess, I will. Already have BTR3, wanted to use the ES100 in my car. I can wait.
  14. peter123
    So please share your knowledge of what new tech this is and when it will be released......

    Seriously, this device just got Bluetooth 5.0 support and have been continuously updated, I really can't see it missing any relevant features today.
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  15. civciv
    A newer DAC, higher resolution USB DAC feature, USB-C interface, a metal case (some people here complaint about the current case), improved button layout (another complaint subject also).

    Am I asking too much? I have just asked a simple question. If you don't know anything about possible updated version, just say you don't know. Is it really that hard?
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