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Questyle QP1

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xvampirex, Jan 16, 2015.
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  1. skwoodwiva
  2. Noptig
    Hello all,

    My 2 year old QP1R's screen has died making it impossible to use. I understand it's out of warranty and the dealer in Denmark I bought it from is no longer a Questyle dealer, so I tried to contact Questyle support (info@questyleaudio.com - who won't even reply to my emails. Anyone ever had the same problem or have any suggestions as to how I can get it repaired?
  3. rr12267
    Try to contact @bSquared64 here on head-fi. It might take few days for him to respond as I don’t know how often checks this site out but he should be able to help you. That is who I’ve contacted here in USA. I bet he has a contact for you in Denmark.
  4. husafreak
    I have had a problem seeing my QP1R's two SD cards on my iMac's for a while now, I hoped replacing our old iMac would solve that problem but it hasn't. I now think it is something that changed during an Apple update. Anyway it still connects normally to my ancient Mac Air.
    If I connected my QP1R to my old Mac (or my old Mac Air now) the three storage mediums appear, QP1R, QP_TF, and another QP_TF. Note that the QP1R has two SD Cards and also its internal memory, So I can drag and drop music into any of those.
    On my new iMAC I see only QP1R and QP_TF, so I only get to see one of my SD cards at a time. My work around has been to cycle the plug and hope the opposite SD card gets picked as the iMac randomly chooses which SD card to display.
    Anyone else find a solution to this problem?
  5. Amber Rain
    I've also had a compatibility issue with my QP1R and my Mac Book (old 2012?), where the SD cards are forcibly ejected if left connected for a while. Same thing happened with my Fiio X5ii. I think one of my USB slots is a bit dodgy as it often has trouble with SD card readers and peripherals. I just eject, unplug and start again...
  6. husafreak
    Thanks but that is a different problem. My Mac's have always ejected the QP1R SD cards after a few minutes of inactivity. I've been told it's a Mac thing.
  7. husafreak
    I see there is a new firmware so I loaded it up just now. V1.0.9 installed smoothly and sounds just fine! I've never had a real issue with my battery indicator besides it gradually depletes then shuts down at a high percentage, forgot just where.
    I don't understand the new DSD gain function so I left that at 0%. I'll have to find out what it does. I rarely use mine as a DAC. I did a few times and it is a valuable feature but I'm just not needing it.
  8. husafreak
    I fixed my problem with the SD cards! Sometimes talking (or typing) about something helps in understanding the problem right? Anywhoo, I decided that it was odd that both SD cards had the same name on my Mac Air, so I went back and renamed them QP_TF1 and QP_TF2. Voila! They both show up now on my new iMac, which is where all my music is stored, and I'm also not getting "disk improperly ejected" messages even after using the disc eject button (which was also a problem before).
  9. Amber Rain
    How did you rename them?
  10. 514077
    I didn't even know it was there, but I think it has something to do with DSD being 6db quieter. I think one can increase the gain to match PCM in level. Hope that's true. Could you tell me in which submenu it's located? Play settings or system settings?
  11. husafreak
    LOL I don't even know what DSD and PCM stand for. But it is under System Settings below Gain and it is selectable from 0db to 6db.
    514077 likes this.
  12. husafreak
    I just clicked on the name QP_TF below the drive symbol (SD card) on my Mac Air desktop, that highlights it in blue and then you can click to establish the cursor and type. If I hadn't been able to see the two SD cards I guess I would have just given a name to whichever one showed up and gone from there. But I'm pretty sure the problem was that I never named the cards so the QP1R just gave them the same generic name: QP_TF and at some point last year an Apple software update made it so that my Mac could no longer display (or deal with) two memory cards with the same name.
  13. 514077
    Thanks. Long time, no see your name floating around here. FWIW DSD = direct stream digital, and PCM, I'm quite sure, is pulse controlled modulation.
  14. Amber Rain
    Thanks for the reply, I'll give it a go.
  15. Amber Rain

    PCM = Pulse Code Modulation. Used for CDs I believe and other digits audio.
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