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Questyle QP1

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xvampirex, Jan 16, 2015.
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  1. XVampireX
    Hello, one DAP caught my attention recently called Questyle QP1, it has Current based amplification from the company and support for DSD and other Hi-Res.
    looks pretty solid too, but really the most interesting part is the current based amplification.
    There isn't a thread here yet so I started, and here's some sources:
  2. ExpiredLabel
    Subbed, any news on a window of release?
  3. XVampireX
    Well I guess that's why people don't care about this, not enough actual news about this Portable Player...
  4. Spamateur
    I'd be very interested in this if they could release more information. It looks like it was pretty early in the prototyping phase, but between the current mode amplification and Questyle's reputation, this could be a winner.
  5. Questyle
    Hey guys!
    Fasten your seat belts, things are about to get real!!
    The QP1 is $599 and the QP1 Pro is $899. Both incorporate Questyle Audio's patented Current Mode amplification technology.
    We are working very hard to have final production samples in time for you to see, hear and play with at CanJam SoCal 2015 in March and expect to start filling orders in the middle of April. 
    You can find more information and all the CES reports on the QP1 & QP1 Pro, as well as all things Questyle, at the official Questyle Audio Facebook page, www.facebook.com/QuestyleAudio. (We will be doing a QP1 giveaway on our Facebook page soon, so be sure to "like" the page!)
    Below are a few additional CES report links other than what were in the first post of this thread. (Thanks XVampireX) 
    Also watch for an upcoming report from warrenpchi!!
    Hi-Res portable player 
    File SPEC:
    DSD:Native DSD 2.8M,5.6M
    PCM:WAV ADPCM LPCM MP3 WMA OGG AAC FLAC APE AIFF,44.1 KHz - 192KHz,16bit - 24bit
    OUTPUT:1*3.5MM HP Jack,High performance Current mode HP AMP,All discrete device
     1*3.5MM Line out Jack,Include Optical Out
    Memory:2*128G Micro SD card
     Original :8G Flash
    Interactive & control
     Keyboards & true steering wheel
     LCD display
    BatteryLi-on 3000mah, 8-10hours
    Shell:aluminum, silver or golden

    Oh, and yes, the rumors are 100% true, they really are being manufactured at Foxconn, the same factory as Apple's iPhone.
    That's all the information we can share with you at this time. We hope it's enough to wet your appetite!
    Hear all your tunes like never before,
    stay Tuned!
    Team Questyle
  6. musicday
    Why no OLED screen at this price point? That will improve the playback time of the player.
  7. bcarr112281
    Foxconn is infamous for its labor practices. What is Questyle doing to help ensure the fair treatment of those producing its devices? 
  8. seeteeyou
    Thankfully the pricing really is so much better than Gangnam Style, hats off to this Gentleman.
    Mython and tomscy2000 like this.
  9. Kerouac
    Can't wait till this dap hits the market...
    I will choose an upgrade for my DX90 / X5 this summer. Cayin N6 and X7 were already on my shortlist.
    But this one looks very promissing (in- and outside) and is nr 1 on that list for the moment [​IMG]
    I would really like to know the differences between the announced $600 silver version and the $900 golden one though.
    Will that difference only be the shell?
  10. XVampireX
    Is the DSD support 'True DSD'?
    And what are the chances for increased battery life at least to 10 hours?
  11. Joe-Siow
    This DAP certainly looks tasty.
  12. snip3r77
  13. goodvibes
    You keep saying that in every new DAP introduction but it's far from true for dedicated players. The screen is only on for fractions of a minute unless setting up queues, going deep into menus etc. At least it has the option do these things and an oled would just increase the price for no significant benefit in use time. If it was fired up all the time it would be a different story but as it stands, the effect would be minimal.
  14. goodvibes
    I really like the manual V control, that it's protected and that it extends out the same plane as the jacks. Looks great on paper but proof is in a listen. 
    Questyle, Is the FW based on Android or some other shell or is it more or less proprietary?
  15. kdub

    I read somewhere that it's Linux based, so not Android like the upcoming Fiio X7.
    I was all prepared to empty my wallet on the X7 until I saw this Questyle QP1/QP1 Pro.
    Definitely nice to have options. Will need to do a good sit down audition of both before pulling the trigger!
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