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Questyle QP1

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by xvampirex, Jan 16, 2015.
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  1. Hawaiiancerveza
    The QP1/R don't need burn in do they?
  2. jamweiser

    i don't believe they do... all i know, is what ever bitrate i throw at it, it sounds awesome!! loading sum music i haven't listened to in a few years, and i'm in just WoW on the sound quality!!

    only negative i have, is i took too long debating which dap to purchase vs just purchasing the qp1r
  3. JerryLeeds
    Morning people ....
    Just wanted to let you all know .... I have the latest FW Version (1.0.4  or 1.4 anyway the one with the 4)
    Last week the QP1R did not auto shutdown at power level 4% it kept playing until the battery was almost dead. At that point the power % meter value screwed up and reset to 99% even though the unit was out of juice. I posted my event here and was told that the best thing to do was to down grade to the older FW version 1.2.
    Well here is what I did and it seemed to have worked. I left the FW alone and simply charged the QP1R until it read 100% (took a while)... at that point I figured the meter value was correct. I've been using the QP1R for about 9 hours (maybe a bit more this week) and now it auto shutdown at 4%
    I guess the last time when things messed up the player was in middle of doing something like switching songs or powering the screen off when the 4% power limit was hit and two events at the same time caused things to get a bit screwy
    So as of now I am going to still stay with version 1.0.4 until something more profound happens
    Also is there an expected release date for a new FW?  Any romurs about the new song limit they will be shooting for?
  4. tienbasse

    To be fair, EU is still milking cow land, BUT selling a US product in Europe does generate some additional costs.
    The main one being that you have to get your product CE-marked, which is NOT just paperwork.
    Most US electronics are not designed to be compliant with various worldwide specifications, unless they're made by a large company which sells worldwide itself.
    For high-end DAPs, we're talking mostly about ex-EU small companies which do not sell worldwide themselves and use distributors.
    Selling in EU will generate some cost related to CE-marking, which can partially explain the additional cost.
    Not telling it is the only explanation, but in the case of Questyle, the price supplement is not the biggest I've seen.
    Oppo is amongst the worst I've seen so far: excellent products, but 50% more in EU and Oppo dictates prices everywhere, it is 399-449€ wherever you go withn EU, with no discount allowed. Against 299$ in the US...
  5. tienbasse
    Unless I'm mistaken, 599$ is QP1 and 839€ is QP1R, which are not the same.
    So far I haven't seen a single retailer selling the QP1 in EU, you mostly find the QP1R for 849-899€.
  6. bSquared64
  7. bSquared64
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  8. Hawaiiancerveza
    Has anyone had trouble transferring files to the QP1/R while attached to their PC/laptop?  I tried to transfer WAV files to a micro SD card in the QP1.  
    I had trouble for a few hours trying to put a few songs on the card, then ejecting the QP1 properly, and then reattach it to my laptop.  It transferred a couple of songs at a time but I had to repeat this to get just 6 songs loaded onto the card.  I detached the QP1 and took out the micro SD card and put it into my clip+ and it transferred everything (60 songs) with no problem.
  9. JerryLeeds

    I've only copied files 2 times during a mass transfer of my music library ... Once to multiple 128gb cards and the last to 200gb cards

    No issues other than physical time ...

    Maybe some day they will come out with higher capacity cards (affordable)
  10. Hawaiiancerveza

    I am using a 32 GB sans disk.  I should be getting a 200 gb micro tomorrow or Tuesday I'll see how it fares with the 200 GB card.  
  11. jk47
    i used an external card reader to copy my files.  i have 2 x 200gb cards functioning without a problem.
  12. Hawaiiancerveza
    I see.  I may need to invest in one myself.  Thanks.  
  13. Hawaiiancerveza
    So, I still haven't read anything in detail to the sound signature difference between the QP1 and QP1R but that they almost sound the same.  Can someone lead me to a review or shed some light on this?  It's pretty obvious that there's a difference in power, we can see that in the specs.  
  14. Music junky
    Anyone try the shure kse1500. With the Qp1R?
  15. csglinux
    Yep, the QP1R LO works great feeding the KSE1500 :grinning:
    Just remember, unless you're using the adjustable-volume LO on the QP1R, you should lower the KSA input pad by -10 dB to avoid clipping. IMHO, using the QP1R as source sounds better than using the iPhone as a transport via the USB and KSE1500 DAC. (But only marginally so - the big jump in SQ comes from switching from your current headphones to the KSE1500 electrostats!) Curiously though, I don't hear much difference when using the QP1R as an analog in with the EQ by-passed or the EQ on but flat. Why I find that curious is because the KSE EQ is digital, so even with analog input, EQ means ADC->filtering->DAC, but those steps don't seem (to my ears) to degrade the sound to any significant degree. Anyway, that's a subject for another day on another thread...

    P.S. The other good reason to use the QP1R for analog-in is that the battery on the KSA lasts 10 hours in amp-only mode, but only around 7 hours if the DAC's also engaged.
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